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  1. Windows 7 recognizes more - XP would cap out at low RAM. I recently got a Samsing Galaxy Vibrant. Adroid Phones FTW. My froends mostly have iPhones and brag about them... then this morning 3 of them were late for work because iPhone alarm settings failed yesterday and today, a problem that happened back in November but Apple didn't patch. Also, they show off apps they bought, but get upset when I go into the Android market and find similar apps - often the same one but for a different platform - offered free of charge for Android phones. iPhones look nice, but I gave up on Apple a long time ago. Not only are thier products as flawed as anyone elses, but they hide behind "It just works. Except when it doesn't, which means you did something wrong. Don't like it? Um... you're... just too poor to buy our elite trend setting stuff. Yeah, that's it."
  2. Thanks Lotus4s and Molemot! Molemot - glad to hear you're doing better! If you want to give to Strong And Free to help ensure it goes off without a hitch, please do. There's a 'donate' button in the upper right corner of the website, but that's specifically for the campaign expenses so when I perform my ride, 100% of the dollars raised go directly to Prostate Cancer Canada. If you're more comfortable giving directly to Prostate Cancer Canada, they're setting up an event page on their site to collect donations during the event, but that's not 'till summer. It seems a long way off but I've just 5 months before I'm in the saddle for 100 kms a day! Incidentally, while doing my starvation project The Hungry I, I met a chap from Norwich who plans to fly over and ride with me as far as he's able. I hope others can join me for a leg here and there - even if it's just a parade of Lotus cars lined up as I pass through Toronto or Vancouver or something
  3. some of you may remember when I starved myself this summer to call attention to the dangers of poor eating habits and fad diets. As part of my recovery from the dangerous stunt (don't try this at home), I was given a bike to ride around on by a locak bike shop, building muscle back up with a low impact workout. I hadn't been on a bike since I was about 9, but I was quickly hooked. Within 5 weeks I was up to 50 km/day. So... I've partnered with Prostate Cancer Canada (since they only get a fraction of the funding that the pink ribbon bunch get), and will be riding my bike from coast to coast across Canada from St. John's NL to Victoria, BC to raise prostate cancer awareness and hopefully some funding for them. I need a bit of help though - if you could take a minute to click 'like' for the Facebook page, that'd be awesome. Sponsors respond to potential eyeballs better than anything else: If you're interested in following the journey, you can check out to follow along. If you're really interested, I'm looking for people to join me for a leg or two on my travels! Get out your bike, generate some pledges, and ride alongside me! Details will be posted on the main site soon.
  4. Citroen has been making those commercials for years, long before this current movie came out
  5. yup. Nice to be able to add GPS, 120 GB of MP3 sound, etc. whilst replacing the ugly factory stereo...
  6. added a carputer system to my RX-7. Carmen, my current 1985 GSL-SE, had originally received Pamela's Sony CD/ MP3 player. A gorgeous unit that, when set in orange illumination mode, looked high-tech and yet factory at the same time. But after 6 years and a lot of use, it's speaker output began to fail. At the same time, my interest in carputers was growing. And so I contacted Chris Wood at Mobile Computer Solutions in Pennsylvania, and had him create a system within my specs. Jetway Mini ITX Motherboard w/ 2.0Ghz C7 CPU 1GB DDR2 Kingston RAM 120GB 2.5" Seagate SATA HD External USB DVD R/RW drive Built in Bluetooth & Wireless LAN CF/PCMCIA Daughterboard M2 ATX 160W Smart Automatic Power Supply GPS Receiver $739 Centrafuse XLE Deluxe with GPS including Canada $249 XP Pro $149 XP Lite to reduce boot up time $60 Lilliput HR703 $235 Total would be $1,422. *** Package arrives from Mobile Computing Solutions in Pennsylvania. Chris kept in constant communication with me - letting me know when the software was installed, the system was tested, packed, shipped, etc. Monitor, CPU, cabling, remote, remote receiver, GPS antenna, and external DVD drive same kit, unpacked. Not shown: user manuals MCS makes their own cases and brands their peripherals The 7" touch-screen Lilliput monitor came with a bevelled surround, as it's meant to be installed in headrests. Monitor, surround, and SE dash waterfall. The monitor is almost precisely 2.5 DIN high and 7" wide, filling the stereo opening nicely Alas, the flanges top and bottom prevent it from fitting as it should. You can see, however, that the monitor looks practically stock in that position ... and fits brilliantly. Too bad about the 7" wide by 6" deep stereo spot behind the monitor that'll now just be dead space! rough cut installation of surround: Holding the glue... the finished body-colour / clearcoat dash piece with integrated monitor surround Monitor fits in through the front... the completed monitor install. Optical drive installed - note the CD cases below to get an idea of how small it is.
  7. Received my copy today, the third printing with additional pages added at the end - this book is brilliant!
  8. I loved it both as a good story and as a technical accomplishment. You may have noticed these scenes too, but as a film maker I was particularely drawn to the 'extended' scenes shot in one continuous take - like when they're playing that game in the car, the mob attacks, they escape, police follow, etc... all one shot, non-stop camera without cutting away to another angle. Similar one-take scenes near the end but I won't describe them for fear of posting spoilers for those who haven't seen the film.
  9. My auto-login seems to be working once again - thanks B
  10. In another forum people were posting links to music videos. I posted this one as "Ferrari - musica di motore"
  12. Drat - problem went away, now it's back - with no change to browser settings damned communist conspiracies!
  13. And yet they built the Audi R8, a 911 Carrera competitor...
  14. It's not unique to Esprits. Seems car shopping brings out the worst in folks. years ago i was selling a 1985 RX-7 GSL-SE. Book value, $4,900 - and mine was in excellent shape, so I was asking $5,000 firm. A chap brought his 16 year old son over to have a look at it, going on about how it'd be a great 'first car'. When the boy asked to test drive it, I had no problem with that. Until a) pops got mad that I wanted to ride along, and not let he and his son drive off into the sunset and B) it became apparent that the kid couldn't even spell stick-shift, let alone drive one. not the sharpest knife in the drawer, if you get my meaning. So it ended up that the father test drove it, with me in the passenger seat. He starts pointing out every little niggling thing ("There lights in the instrument binaccle aren't as bright as on modern cars. You should take off $100 for that", etc.) Needless to say I cut the ride short. So back at the house he gives the car the "expert-eye-with-chin-scratch-and-aloof-disinterest" once-over, then offers me $2,000. I remind him it's $5,000 firm, and if he wants to kick tires there are plenty of used car lots in town. He counters with $2,200. I tell him to get off my property, and go inside. Throughout the rest of the day he must've called 11-12 times, his messages oscillating between "This would be the perfect car for my son, please call me back" to "You f**king a**, how dare you refuse to sell to me at the price I offered you".
  15. Apparently the story was re-written at the last minute to accomodate Craig as the lead character. Here's the original trailer:
  16. Oops! Techie wipes out $38 billion fund Keystroke mistake deletes data for Alaska’s oil-funded account Updated: 8:04 a.m. CT March 20, 2007 JUNEAU, Alaska - Perhaps you know that sinking feeling when a single keystroke accidentally destroys hours of work. Now imagine wiping out a disk drive containing an account worth $38 billion. That’s what happened to a computer technician reformatting a disk drive at the Alaska Department of Revenue. While doing routine maintenance work, the technician accidentally deleted applicant information for an oil-funded account — one of Alaska residents’ biggest perks — and mistakenly reformatted the backup drive, as well. There was still hope, until the department discovered its third line of defense, backup tapes, were unreadable. “Nobody panicked, but we instantly went into planning for the worst-case scenario,” said Permanent Fund Dividend Division Director Amy Skow. The computer foul-up last July would end up costing the department more than $200,000. Over the next few days, as the department, the division and consultants from Microsoft Corp. and Dell Inc. labored to retrieve the data, it became obvious the worst-case scenario was at hand. Nine months worth of information concerning the yearly payout from the Alaska Permanent Fund was gone: some 800,000 electronic images that had been painstakingly scanned into the system months earlier, the 2006 paper applications that people had either mailed in or filed over the counter, and supporting documentation such as birth certificates and proof of residence. And the only backup was the paperwork itself — stored in more than 300 cardboard boxes. “We had to bring that paper back to the scanning room, and send it through again, and quality control it, and then you have to have a way to link that paper to that person’s file,” Skow said. Half a dozen seasonal workers came back to assist the regular division staff, and about 70 people working overtime and weekends re-entered all the lost data by the end of August. “They were just ready, willing and able to chip in and, in fact, we needed all of them to chip in to get all the paperwork rescanned in a timely manner so that we could meet our obligations to the public,” Skow said. Last October and November, the department met its obligation to the public. A majority of the estimated 600,000 payments for last year’s $1,106.96 individual dividends went out on schedule, including those for 28,000 applicants who were still under review when the computer disaster struck. Former Revenue Commissioner Bill Corbus said no one was ever blamed for the incident. “Everybody felt very bad about it and we all learned a lesson. There was no witch hunt,” Corbus said. According to department staff, they now have a proven and regularly tested backup and restore procedure. The department is asking lawmakers to approve a supplemental budget request for $220,700 to cover the excess costs incurred during the six-week recovery effort, including about $128,400 in overtime and $71,800 for computer consultants. The money would come from the permanent fund earnings, the money earmarked for the dividends. That means recipients could find their next check docked by about 37 cents.
  17. Remember, in this movie it's meant to be a younger Bond - not yet that sure of himself.
  18. perhaps they're not available in the UK? I've often shipped certain Canadian candy bars to American chums for similar reasons.
  19. Looks like a Nissan 300ZX with a pseudo-Ferrari body kit in that shot
  20. The original planned name, "Vector II", was abandoned at the last minute... I kid, I kid... But am I the only one who thinks it resembles a Diablo 'customized' kit car?
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