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  1. Thxxx


  2. Anyone on here? Followed the Blue S1 out along the A40 to the M40, the went past as you turned off at the services/Bicester turning. Yellow S1 parked on the long weird frankfurter type roundabout in Banbury, just after the trading estates.
  3. Friday lunchtime, coming into Banbury and we passed each other at the turnoff to Wroxton, only caught a glimpse as I was behind a van in a silver s1!
  4. Thxxx

    New to Lotus :)

    Got it back last night and drove to work today with the roof off (for the first time)! Awesome fun... thanks guys! Already used the knowledge base here to help with certain things that I'm not sure about!
  5. Thxxx

    New to Lotus :)

    Thanks guys, I am slowly coming to that realisation. Its garaged this week for new toe links (creaky and rattley) and have been driving the gf's golf gt. Its a nice car, but doesn't quite manage to put a smile on my face every time I get in!
  6. Hi, Thought I'd drop in and let peeps know I'm here! New Elise S1 B&C 160 owner, loving it so far! This is my first Lotus after a long debate over what to get coming from an E46 330ci vert, and I certainly don't regret it. Pic below... PS unfortunately I didn't get to keep the numberplate!
  7. Keep seeing a Black S1 Elise around in Woking, Surrey. I was wondering if it was anyone on here? Didn't catch the reg.
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