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    2007 Lotus Elise R (Ardent Red), 2010 Lotus Evora n/a (Yellow), 1967 Elan S3 (White), 1972 Europa Special (Black). 1971 Europa Twin Cam (Pistachio Lime Green)
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  1. Hi Brian, and news on a Petit Paris breakfast this year? Barry

    1. bingoking


      Hi Barry,

      There is nothing in the diary yet for Petit Paris. @Andrew C usually organises this as he has the contact at the restaurant. Perhaps we can discuss this at the next Breakfast meet with Andrew on 2nd June which I am about to post up and PM everyone about.

      Milestone Garden Centre, Newton St Boswells and afterwards the Classic Car Show at Thirlestane Castle.

      Hopefully see you there.

      Kind regards


  2. until

    Barry and Suzanne breakfast and bunker
  3. On 31st January 2015 my workshop in Edinburgh was broken into. A sledgehammer was used to knock holes in the walls to gain access. Amongst the stuff stolen was my set of Lotus Evora wheels with summer tyres fitted. The wheels are grey with tyre pressure sensing valves, Pirelli P Zero tyres, 18" front and 19" rears and Lotus wheel centres. Total replacement cost about £2300. If you are looking to buy secondhand Evora wheels please be warned that they may belong to me. If you hear about or see wheels being offered for sale and think they could be mine please let me know by responding to this th
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