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  1. Think i have one pm me if you still need one
  2. Thank you all xx love you bro xx When he put the Esprit in my garage for a winter rest.
  3. RIP Paul Brother sadly passed away on 24/1/2020 with a heart condition. Love you Brother XXXX RIP Andrew.
  4. Whats the value of 1 set of old stock new on rim Goodyear NCT for an Esprit,so all still inflated. they are stored in the dark so out of UV Maybe for a show car because of age ? I would use them on road,if I had a car that would wear them..
  5. High prob crank end float & thrust washer problems. btw have some gearboxes if needed for spares & rebuild.
  6. Think just give it to your Brother to thrash the blox out of it would be best option
  7. I got an s2000 and love it
  8. Think its fake,got one here in front of me and looks gold wher the chrome is,and No writing on the back.this may come of a jps cant remenber now. 57mm
  9. 1/8 i think but cant remember tbh 23 yrs ago !!, but think you use washers as well inside pods
  10. Area 51 'declassified' in U-2 spy plane history can i change my vote
  11. does look very nice, apart from that non oem intake
  12. perhaps one on my 1.8vtec Honda revs to 8500 rpm soon 9k-=10:1 CR will add this copied info. T3 = COMPRESSOR MINOR MAJOR 40 TRIM > 20LB MIN 37.69 60.12 45 TRIM > 23LB MIN (stock cossie) 40.51 60.12 50 TRIM > 27LB MIN 42.52 60.12 55 TRIM > 44.70 60.12 60 TRIM > 32LB MIN 46.48 60.12 60 TRIM > 36LB MIN (super 60) 48.26 60.12 ALL T3 TURBINES = MINOR > 48.21 MAJOR > 58.90 STAGE 2 TURBINE = MINOR > 53.90 MAJOR > 65.00 STAGE 3 TURBINE = MINOR > 56.62 MAJOR > 65.00 COMPRESSOR HOUSINGS CAME AS 36 A/R 42 A/R 50 A/R 63 A/R TURBINE HOUSINGS CAME AS 48 A/R 63 A/R example ... stock cossie 2wd = 42 comp / 48 exh ..................................................................................... T03/T04 often called t34 or even t35 --- IS A T3 TURBINE COUPLED TO A T4 COMPRESSOR T3/4 B COMPRESSORS = MINOR MAJOR S TRIM > 37LB MIN 48.36 69.85 V TRIM > 48LB MIN 55.37 69.85 H TRIM > 49LB MIN 58.37 69.85 COMPRESSOR HOUSINGS CAME AS 60 A/R TURBINE HOUSINGS CAME AS 48 A/R 55 A/R 63 A/R ALL TURBINE WHEELS USUALLY STOCK T3 STAGE 3 example .... stock cossie 4wd = s trim/46 60 comp / 48 exh good for 360hp on 48 a/r exh housing 390hp on 63 a/r exh housing
  13. My reading found this,john has done some past homework.
  14. Not that bigger job as you have got a long way anyway and you have the gear to do it,perhaps you should of thought of this before taking the engine-box out. Be nice to refurb the mounting areas, bolts,and sound prof ect and sort out and clean up the radiator area,with new bolts too. Does get Very expensive once you start.also could put engine and box back then put body on. does depend on how good you want it tbh..
  15. As i watched the program the other morning, i thought he was glowing like a star and ready to join them. RIP Patrick. God bless
  16. reset ecu dont know for sure?worth looking into though ! anyone ?
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