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  1. Hi folks. That was my GT3 that graham got his hands on. I agree the paint job was terrible and i never intended on selling it and had actually made plans for it to be resprayed. I got hit by an elderly driver who came out of a side turning without looking, hitting my rear left which knocked me sideways and then subsequently into a tree. Had a police car behind me at the time luckily. Graham if you read this can you mail me at [email protected] cos i need a favour and there's a healthy drink in it for you. Just need a photocopy of the service history as he insurers have owned up to underpaying me and this is all they need from me. Glad the chassis still good btw ashley
  2. hi chris. Ive temporarily bound up the old bit of pipe thats cracked at both ends and seem to be holding for the time being. I'll keep my eye on it but no doubt ill have to fix it properly soon. fortunately its nearer the side of the car than the bottom so can jack her up enough to get to it. Im a single man now yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lol
  3. turns out, that is the fuel cross over pipe apparently and with vat and delivery is about
  4. Hi my 97 GT3 has decided to spring a leak (petrol) from a foot long piece of rubber hosing which runs from the fuel crossover pipe to the left rear of the car. The rubber has cracked and perished but its easily accessible after removal of the undertray and held at either end by jubillee clips. Does anyone knows the internal diameter of this pipe off hand and/or whether its just a standard piece of rubber and lotus non specific! many thanks ashley
  5. well the fluid has done the trick at least, so now ill look for the cause. many thanks once again ash
  6. thanks for the advice. The cluth fluid does look rather depleted so hopefully thats all it is cheers ash
  7. Hi folks. I haven't used my GT3 for a few days and now I cant get any gears, though the clutch depresses ok and I can select the gears ok with the engine off! Do I need to top up my transmission fluid? Many thanks Ashley
  8. As usual its the bleedin obvious though a relief to see a nice broken fuse 21. Don't know why i missed it the first time The earth terminal broke on the battery the other day and since buying a new battery and clip i've managed to break down 6 times in the last 2 days. I ran a freescan which showed a code 26 Quad driver circuit error and was wondering, as code 26 seems to cover a multitude of problems, could this blown fuse be what it was detecting and also said that the circuit loop was open. Now that I have replaced the fuse, could my battery performance improve or is a new alternator on the cards? Another strange phenomenon occurred when my mechanic Geoff of Salisbury removed the binnacle to re attach my boost gauge that had fallen down behind the cover and when we put it all back together the fuel gauge was reading a 1/4 fuller than what I had in my tank and when we put the gauges' earth back in, the reading fell to zero!
  9. Hi folks Can any of you clever chaps tell me what the various relay boxes/fuses are associated with, that are found in the front compartment that lie horizontally in front of the 30 or so in the plastic box and also those found in the engine compartment of a GT3 under the right rear wing. The handbook is a bit vague. I took the binnacle off and now the instruments are all dead, could one loose wire be responsible for all the dials or a blown fuse etc being responsible? (clock still works as do the instrument backs lights). Many thanks Ashley
  10. all in hand, don't fret. We'll leave at 8.30 with or without you
  11. I'll be in a bright yellow GT3 and there will be a red V8 and a black turbo. We are meeting the turbo at 7.30 in rettendon so should be there just after 8 but I have Daves number on my mobile if theres any hitches.
  12. chris i'll meet up with you. mail me your address or text 07729 614528 and we'll sort it out
  13. provisionally i'll suggest meeting at stanstead at about 8.00am and we can exchange mobile numbers this week so we know where we are when we get lost lol
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