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  1. Thanks Dunc for your concern. I asked a couple of month to Lotusbits. They had one a the time but they seemed not really into a hurry to sell it and to answer to me. I ended up to try to find some other source without any luck. The one Dolomite is too small. Look similar though. On the TR7, the external T part seems to be the same, but there is still the main body of the barrel to check out. oilmagnet477, you're right. Mk4 Spitfire and Allegro have the right external t part as well. The main body is different thought from the Lotus version. Same thing for
  2. Hi Tocus By any chance: Would you have it ?
  3. Hi All, After having search on the forum and maybe on the whole internet I didn't find any. Would any of you have a chromed boot lock that fits on 83 Elite and 84 Eclat ? Anyone breaking a Elite / Eclat ? THanks !!
  4. Lucky you Andyww ! I wasn't able to connect to the internet except on my phone and oh no ... it was the last one Is there any one here know another website / store / any source with the 80-82 handbook ?
  5. Thanks for the link and for the informations ! Lo, your handbook cover is black. Is this the genuine color for 1980-1982 Turbo ? Sometimes I see some red covers for early 80's Lotus. :-/
  6. Hello there I was wondering if there was a dedicated Owner Handbook for the early Turbo Esprit. So far I was checking on the internet but I didn't find anything except some reproduction of S3 owner book that also seem to fit for the Turbo version. Is there anyone here have some pictures of such a book ? Same question for the cover of the book, I saw red, black, green ... :question: Which one fit with a dry sump turbo ? Thanks
  7. Hi, does this offer is still up to date. I am interested Can you contact me directly by private mail Thanks
  8. Is there anyone who tried to contact the seller of N° 18 ? I'd be interested to know how much he sold it. That could give an estimation of the market for those that don't sell everyday !
  9. Essex 018 is already sold Is the new owner among us ?
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