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  1. As its my Esprit that you are thinking about buying Im going to be biased and say "find a way to get to Sydney and fast!!!" :-p This is my third esprit (previously owned a red SE High Wing and an Azure Blue S4s) all of which have been driven daily and it is a truly sad day when I am forced to sell the car for business reasons. Fingers crossed I can find myself another one in 6 months time when my business is back in full swing. FYI my S4 has Brembo brakes on the front.
  2. I was surfing the net and came across the following page - The page is nonsense but I wondered if the lotus pictured is just another photoshop job or is it close to how the new Esprit is going to look? I noticed its similar to the white rendered impression that appeared in a magazine and on I guess Im just as eager as everyone else to finally find out how ts going to look :-)
  3. Thats awesome guys, thanks a lot for the help. I will get onto this first thing in the morning. Thank god for forums ;-) Scott
  4. Thanks, yes the car is currently locked and secure in the car park under my apartment.
  5. I stupidly lost my only key for my S4 on the weekend. Does anyone know if there is a way to get a replacement key or for a locksmith to make a new key without me having to order a stearing lock assembly kit from the UK (I live in Sydney, Australia). Tried a couple of locksmiths today and they said speak to the dealer. Any help or advice would be appreciated :-) Scott
  6. Onto my third Esprit and driven all of them every day without any trouble
  7. Does anyone have web addresses for other suppliers of Lotus Parts. I am in Australia so its harder for me to get in touch. Thanks Scott
  8. I'm having the same trouble, really need to source a part and haven't been able to get through
  9. Anywhere I can see these pics online? Does it look good?
  10. I live in Watson's Bay and my office is in Surry Hills
  11. A few more recent pics of the car have been added to my gallery
  12. Hi guys, After first owning a red SE 'High Wing' followed by an Azure Blue S4s I moved to Australia and finally tracked down this Black S4 and loving every minute of it Any other members in Australia?
  13. I remeber seeing a few artist impressions and reading an article on the next generation Esprit some time again but I wondered if anyone knew of any developments? Sorry if this has previously been covered a 1000 times Has there been any news since this:
  14. Here is a bigger picture of my girlfriend.. sorry car for you ;-) I just had the paint cut and polished and its looking better than ever, more pics of the Lotus (minus the girlfiend) coming soon
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