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  1. I have my 88 turbo motor I'm thinking of selling. Running fine. Still in the car. I'm in Calgary Alberta but I can put it on a pallet
  2. Well guys - I have seriously thought this over many times - and I relisted it today - I just don't have the time to finish it and I no longer want to spend my free time working on the Lotus. You have all been great, and I may buy another one in the near future (one that doesn't need work) - and I have enjoyed conversing with many of you - Jason.
  3. Well it was for sale - I put it up on ebay and was going to sell it - but I ended the listing an hour ago - I don't have the time to complete it right now, but I can't bring myself to sell it either. I guess I will just have to work on it when I can.
  4. Well - the Renault choice for now - would look to be a no brainer - with their KERS and their transmission - they should be in good shape - We will see where they are in terms of the pecking order next year - still a very new team. I would personally consider it a great year if they could score 1 point. Just 1. I think the new car is a great start, but they should be up there with Williams, all things being equal. Mercedes makes a great package - but they said tey don't have any more plant capacity and I'll bet it is the most costly package out there right now.
  5. I didn't have to reprogram the ecu's - they were kept and some of the sensors and components were eliminated by not hooking them up at all. I could have made it much more complicated but didn't see the need.
  6. Here is the latest progress on my project. Things have been slow as we moved to a new house and I have been working all the time. Of course, the good thing about that is it gives you time to think which direction the project needs to go in. I have determined that the engine bay is a big sore point for me and I plan on cleaning that up in a big way this winter - with simplified wiring harness' and clearer firewall - The car is only running on 7 our of 12 cylinders, there is a problem with 7,9,11 that has poked it's ugly head up. Please forgive the appearance of the car, it is very much a work in progress. My link
  7. Who owns the car - is the owner live near Niagara Falls - I would love to see the car in person - it looks top notch.
  8. I haven't hooked up the O2 sensors yet - so - that could be an issue
  9. Well - here is another little video to encourage others o the forum that nothing is impossible. Except having a great cameraman on the first time out. My neighbor across the street wanted a ride in the car, I promised him one and I move tomorrow - the car is not finished, but I am a man of my word. The car needs some work, and so does his camera skills - but it least he can show his friends on Youtube that he went for a ride in a really cool car.
  10. Great work - keep taking and posting pictures please - Looks like I will be having another project this winter before I send it out for paint. I love it - this would look awesome on my car. Jason.
  11. No - I think it's a good idea - Lotus should have thought of it - but it probably cost too much to do in production. I believe the silver show car was set up like that. The idea of a telescopic pole is probably your best bet - McClarean used it on their MG6 Road car back in the 60's. Same type of hood opening. Jason.
  12. I'm getting some ideas now too..... that looks like a really good idea. But anyway - to save weight - you may want to consider using a plastic inner fender instead of the fiberglass ones that were originally there. GM used them in Corvettes - an inner liner for the wheel well. That would save weight.
  13. Looks really good so far - very Leman's race car like. If I didn't have 610 things to do (and time to do 4) I would do it. Jason
  14. I just realized that there is only one video on this post - here are a few more - one of me driving it without a set of mufflers and a very out of adjustment shift linkage. I have since fixed both problems.
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