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  1. I have my 88 turbo motor I'm thinking of selling. Running fine. Still in the car. I'm in Calgary Alberta but I can put it on a pallet
  2. Well guys - I have seriously thought this over many times - and I relisted it today - I just don't have the time to finish it and I no longer want to spend my free time working on the Lotus. You have all been great, and I may buy another one in the near future (one that doesn't need work) - and I have enjoyed conversing with many of you - Jason.
  3. Well it was for sale - I put it up on ebay and was going to sell it - but I ended the listing an hour ago - I don't have the time to complete it right now, but I can't bring myself to sell it either. I guess I will just have to work on it when I can.
  4. Well - the Renault choice for now - would look to be a no brainer - with their KERS and their transmission - they should be in good shape - We will see where they are in terms of the pecking order next year - still a very new team. I would personally consider it a great year if they could score 1 point. Just 1. I think the new car is a great start, but they should be up there with Williams, all things being equal. Mercedes makes a great package - but they said tey don't have any more plant capacity and I'll bet it is the most costly package out there right now.
  5. I didn't have to reprogram the ecu's - they were kept and some of the sensors and components were eliminated by not hooking them up at all. I could have made it much more complicated but didn't see the need.
  6. Here is the latest progress on my project. Things have been slow as we moved to a new house and I have been working all the time. Of course, the good thing about that is it gives you time to think which direction the project needs to go in. I have determined that the engine bay is a big sore point for me and I plan on cleaning that up in a big way this winter - with simplified wiring harness' and clearer firewall - The car is only running on 7 our of 12 cylinders, there is a problem with 7,9,11 that has poked it's ugly head up. Please forgive the appearance of the car, it is very much a work in progress. My link
  7. Who owns the car - is the owner live near Niagara Falls - I would love to see the car in person - it looks top notch.
  8. I haven't hooked up the O2 sensors yet - so - that could be an issue
  9. Well - here is another little video to encourage others o the forum that nothing is impossible. Except having a great cameraman on the first time out. My neighbor across the street wanted a ride in the car, I promised him one and I move tomorrow - the car is not finished, but I am a man of my word. The car needs some work, and so does his camera skills - but it least he can show his friends on Youtube that he went for a ride in a really cool car.
  10. Great work - keep taking and posting pictures please - Looks like I will be having another project this winter before I send it out for paint. I love it - this would look awesome on my car. Jason.
  11. No - I think it's a good idea - Lotus should have thought of it - but it probably cost too much to do in production. I believe the silver show car was set up like that. The idea of a telescopic pole is probably your best bet - McClarean used it on their MG6 Road car back in the 60's. Same type of hood opening. Jason.
  12. I'm getting some ideas now too..... that looks like a really good idea. But anyway - to save weight - you may want to consider using a plastic inner fender instead of the fiberglass ones that were originally there. GM used them in Corvettes - an inner liner for the wheel well. That would save weight.
  13. Looks really good so far - very Leman's race car like. If I didn't have 610 things to do (and time to do 4) I would do it. Jason
  14. I just realized that there is only one video on this post - here are a few more - one of me driving it without a set of mufflers and a very out of adjustment shift linkage. I have since fixed both problems.
  15. I actually have the muffler done, and I am still working on a few things - I can actually drive it down the street - but it needs a wheel alignment, and an interior - as well as some paint, ahh - the list goes on and on. I was working on it today - I am trying to bleed the air from the coolant system - but it is not working out too well for me. Go to Youtube and look up "Lotus Esprit - BMW v12" - there are a few videos in there of the car running and the muffler.
  16. Thank you for the pictures on how to do this - I have to do this to my car and it least now I know how it is done. Looks very good - Now if only I could find the time....
  17. Original? You are putting a V8 in it correct? I would be careful about the side sills, they help the car in cross winds, other than that it looks good. Typical hot rod stuff, smooth out the body, fill in the seams - just do it well and it will look good.
  18. Looks very interesting, would love to see it on the road - does anyone know who this is?
  19. I was planning on going to the F1 race this year - still have family in Montreal - so I visit often.

  20. I am located in Barrie, Ontario (close to Toronto) - I see you are in Montreal - I am from Montreal, where in Montreal are you? (I lived in the west island mostly.)

  21. A little bondo, some tremclad and a good polishing will make it as good as new. Ok - maybe allot of bondo.
  22. That red looks great on the G car - what colour is it? I was thinking of painting mine red, but since Lotus are back in F1 - I am thinking of painting it the sam colour as the GP cars. As far as the ride height - could be the difference between Federal and EU cars - the Federal cars were higher as I recall to meet bumper and headlight height requirements. I could be wrong though.
  23. I could never figure out why Lotus used that steering wheel in the S1 - it is so big and doesn't suit the car at all. The resto looks GREAT though.
  24. Umm, I'm not really in a position to be critical - but if you're going to modify the hell out of a car, it least do it right.
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