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  1. Hi Andy, how long do you have to wait for the parts or is it already done? Lars
  2. No. 69 stands in Munich at dealership Lars
  3. Last year we stay in Scotland for our hollydays and I find this Museum: and I could make these pictures.
  4. Thank you Harry for your post, because I will change the oil in my gearbox next week. Lars
  5. Hi DK7, in Germany you can get the Corsa here : Lars
  6. Very nice colour on a fantastic car ! And with the controllights I´m on your side, completely useless.
  7. So and here is my Exige in Racing Green.
  8. My Exige arrived me yesterday at 20:30 and i am very impressed after a short trip around my village. A picture will follow on monday.
  9. I got notice today - My Car will be arriving in Munich July 1st I´ve got the same information, but they said they need some days for delivery. I hope, I can get some pics if the car arrives. Lars
  10. Hello Wolfi, my Exige is also waiting for the transport to Munich. Mine was ready on 13th. June. Perhaps both car will be on the same transport. Lars
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