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  1. My first Lotus was a Type 23. Number 17.
  2. I use this and it does the job and not overly expensive.
  3. Today in Oxford Street. Obviously Black Lives Do Not Matter. Cretins.
  4. Well over 50 here and bought a Cup. Go for it you will not be disappointed and if you get a Sport 220 and a Cup goes the other way you will always think "I should have bought a Cup".
  5. I was given a number of old slides and there are a few Lotus one from Brands Hatch circa 1967/68. I have few more so will upload them if their is any interest.
  6. Speak to these guys. They own an S1 Exige and did the front of mine after a Frog backed in it in Ypres. They know Lotus and will be able to quote you without seeing the car.
  7. Available to purchase here.
  8. Looks like a couple of screws, 41, under the trim cover.
  9. Sent the centre seat pads off to Allon White and this is the result.
  10. If it had a gps map on the screen it would be perfect and I would buy one.
  11. DeRoure lists all of the parts you should need. I hope you have a large bank balance.
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