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  1. You mean my sprouts came from the EU
  2. "So had a couple of hours spare this lunchtime, a rare thing this year, and thought I'd help the wife who was going to go out for the xmas food shopping. Seemed like the decent thing to do. Off we popped, got everything we needed. No dramas. No hassles etc." Did exactly the same thing as you with the same results. The only difference is I am a Southern Neanderthal Man from virus ridden Medway. Supermarket was busy as it is always is this time of year but got everything we wanted without having to fight over a club bearing heathens. Perhaps the difference is not being suckered into al
  3. Probably been on here before, but I found his interesting.
  4. Looking good. Doing the same with mine but working from the top down.
  5. You can get a paint mask from DeRoure.
  6. My first Lotus was a Type 23. Number 17.
  7. I use this and it does the job and not overly expensive.
  8. Today in Oxford Street. Obviously Black Lives Do Not Matter. Cretins.
  9. Well over 50 here and bought a Cup. Go for it you will not be disappointed and if you get a Sport 220 and a Cup goes the other way you will always think "I should have bought a Cup".
  10. I was given a number of old slides and there are a few Lotus one from Brands Hatch circa 1967/68. I have few more so will upload them if their is any interest.
  11. Speak to these guys. They own an S1 Exige and did the front of mine after a Frog backed in it in Ypres. They know Lotus and will be able to quote you without seeing the car.
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