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  1. DeRoure lists all of the parts you should need. I hope you have a large bank balance.
  2. And we drove straight out this year
  3. Lovely cars in attendance
  4. Got mine as well Neil did say in his email that if I had not heard by Monday to chase him up.
  5. Just sent an email to Neil for the Sunday.
  6. Probably coming on the Sunday as I may pop up to Malcolm Ricketts on the Saturday.
  7. I would like to go but not sure if you have to book a space or just turn up. If you have to book, then who with?
  8. What time do you want us there Bibs?
  9. Whilst I was in Ypres a twat of a French Lotus driver backed into my car. The ppf was ripped and expected to find the paint underneath damaged. After carefully removing the damaged ppf finding no damage to the paint. Car booked in to have the ppf replaced next Friday. At least the said French "driver" offered to pay for the replacement. Would always have ppf fitted as it is easier to replace it rather than repainting it.
  10. Just had the running in service completed and fixed a few annoying issues including non-working AC. B&C also fitted the ppf to the sides of the car that they forgot to fit at the time of purchase. STILL waiting for the alcantara trimmed sills after 6 months. Starting now to use the car as it should be and loving it.
  11. Sign me up. I will try to get my Mk1 Escort along as well.
  12. The looks great Steve. Did the cup come with front ppf fitted?
  13. As part of the Lotus weight saving programme, read cost cutting exercise, they deleted the Elise/Exige stowage net behind the seats. I found it handy and wanted to fit one to the Elise. It is £25+VAT on the DeRoure site but a bit of digging, I found this. £7.19 inc P&P.
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