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  1. Registered and hotel booked. Just need to book the Eurostar and pay for the day
  2. Mine came with the front clam protected, and I "think" yours should as well, but you had better check. The dealer forgot to do the rear part but has said that they will repaint any chips if I get any before it is fitted. However, I have fitted some myself for now until it is professionally applied, just to be sure. I have a pattern if you want a copy.
  3. Matt Finish in Sittingbourne have a good reputation although I have not used them. Also Zenith near Canterbury has had good comments on here.
  4. Must be a typo. Got to be £53K.
  5. Peapod

    Lotus Ypres 2018

    Ian, We stayed here and have already booked up for May. It is about 20 minutes from Ypres.
  6. Peapod

    Lotus Ypres 2018

    Yes Ian. Going across in the tunnel on the Wednesday and coming back on the Sunday. I cannot recommend it enough.
  7. Peapod

    Lotus Ypres 2018

    A great event very well organised.
  8. No, got the blank from eBay, sprayed it satin black from a rattle can and got some custom stickers from Dan here For a while
  9. If you after Lotus brochures for you collection look at the website below. Ordered a couple and they arrived in a few days from Holland.
  10. I now have a car to use it on. It is a great fit.
  11. Collected today. So much better built than my 2004 Exige. Hard to keep it below 4000 rpm. And first mod done.
  12. I hope you picked up the right one Get mine on Sunday
  13. Good weather ordered for the 4th & 12th
  14. Got a collection date of the 12th January
  15. The Aldi or Lidl versions are totally acceptable at a very reasonable price. As you have no power in the garage you might need a long extension lead. You could also use a battery pack to jump the battery to get the car started. This is what I have and it started the Exige with ease when the battery was flat.
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