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  1. Could be an interesting 2023. Hethel anyone.
  2. The capacitor is probably used for noise suppression and quite often across a brake switch as operation of the brakes will sometime cause the audio to buzz when the brake lights are on.
  3. Here you go.
  4. Peapod


    They have been a nightmare this year pulling up plants and digging everywhere. Most of the damage has been done by cubs as they only want to play. I have loads of cones fall every year so I put them in front of plants and they now play with them rather than the plants. Seems to have worked so far.
  5. Ideally you should use a proprietary EV rated 13A socket as normal sockets are not designed to run at full load for extended times.
  6. Speak to Dan at who is very helpful and the quality is excellent.
  7. Look like the Hot Wheels version will be available before the real thing.
  8. The revised facelift for the Cup 250 was for the 17.5 model year which included the revised front clam and exposed gearshift. The 17.5 model year came with the revised smaller aero package but there was never an option for the big aero. However, I think I am right that you can retrofit the big aero, but it certainly will not be cheap.
  9. There is an option for both gloss and satin. The fit is very good and you wouldn't know it's a cover. It is manufactured by Lea Components in Italy.
  10. I went for this for my Elise. Mine has a satin finish and I am very pleased with it. I can post some photos if required.
  11. Dan also does these.
  12. There is a thread on here about exactly the same thing.
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