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  1. There is an option for both gloss and satin. The fit is very good and you wouldn't know it's a cover. It is manufactured by Lea Components in Italy.
  2. I went for this for my Elise. Mine has a satin finish and I am very pleased with it. I can post some photos if required.
  3. Dan also does these.
  4. There is a thread on here about exactly the same thing.
  5. Mine arrived today from Aliath. I will post up some pictures before I fit them, although I will wait until the warmer weather before if fit them.
  6. Mine used to do that after being left for a while, albeit an S2 Exige. I used to fill the car up with fresh fuel, V Power, and it never came back until again being left over the winter. It was never a problem once the car was used regularly.
  7. Mine are just cheap 600x600 LED panels from ebay but pleased with them.
  8. Looks like we are running neck and neck with our garage refurbs. What type of flooring are you going with. This is my choice. Mates rates with a chap who lives a few doors up from me.
  9. Hopefully this is what you are after.
  10. 130mm is correct and yes standard suspension. I will measure the splitter dimension at lunchtime.
  11. Is this what you mean? If not let me know and I will take a few more photos.
  12. Haven't got a picture of Essex Blue but Daytona Blue is not metallic.
  13. The same here. Other than the digital dash, not much different to mine. Now if it had been similar to the Cup260, then my bank balance might have taken a hit.
  14. My favourite wheels, but I am biased. Grey for me.
  15. More chance of restaurants and pubs opening on the 31st February than the 31st January.
  16. You mean my sprouts came from the EU
  17. "So had a couple of hours spare this lunchtime, a rare thing this year, and thought I'd help the wife who was going to go out for the xmas food shopping. Seemed like the decent thing to do. Off we popped, got everything we needed. No dramas. No hassles etc." Did exactly the same thing as you with the same results. The only difference is I am a Southern Neanderthal Man from virus ridden Medway. Supermarket was busy as it is always is this time of year but got everything we wanted without having to fight over a club bearing heathens. Perhaps the difference is not being suckered into all of the media frenzy.
  18. Probably been on here before, but I found his interesting.
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