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  1. It's hard to tell. I've had my car for almost 5 years now with ~49,000 miles and eventually you don't notice it anymore. It just becomes part of the normal sound of driving the car
  2. Initially, I felt that I could hear them coming from the front. Dealer replaced both front hubs. This was in early February. After driving the car around since getting it back, it sounds like it is now coming from various wheels Is it strange that I don't hear anything when reversing? I just reversed into my garage just now and was listening carefully and couldn't hear anything. I rolled forward, at a slow crawl and could hear it. I'll try some hard braking later tonight when I head back out and see how that does. Thanks for the replies and links (should have searched, duh)! I'll mention to the dealer about cleaning the hubs.
  3. Have any of you experienced this? It's like a metallic click when the wheels make a revolution. This is a reoccurring problem for me. My dealer has tried twice to fix it. noise keeps coming back. First fix was to clean the wheels. Second was to replace the front hubs (I complained the noise was coming from front wheels.) I'll bring it back and see what they say. The dealer has been fantastic to ensure I'm satisfied with my car. Was curious if anyone else has had the same issue. Thx! Fyi: I have a '12 S with the 19/20 wheels on Michelin pss. Car is about to turn 3yrs this July.
  4. I picked the car up today. It feels good to be back in the Evora! I did not miss her that much after I had dropped her off... boy was I wrong. She looked so pretty sitting on their lot all clean and shiny. I had a big grin on my face while heading to work this morning!
  5. I passed on the clutch. Tech says there's plenty of material left and I should be fine. They just wanted to offer since everything was out. The 'box is being replaced under warranty. Techs noticed an unusual noise that they pin pointed to be coming from the transmission. They believe it's the differential bearing. Thanks guys!
  6. Hi guys! My 2012 S is currently in the shop for a transmission swap. My dealer called earlier today letting me know that, if I was inclined to, they can also replace the clutch while everything is out. The cost would only be for the parts. My car is a little over 2 yrs old and only has 24K miles; a majority of which are highway miles. The clutch doesn't get abused when driving. Should I replace the clutch? Clutch replacement would typically run around $5,500 USD I was quoted $1,700 for just the parts plus an hour of labor. Thanks in advance for any input!!
  7. MY12 cars have the service bulletin for the cylinder, too. I had my master cylinder replaced back in December and started having clutch issues again. I couldn't get into reverse on Friday. I pumped the clutch pedal and could not get it to firm up. Thankfully the lot was empty and I was on a slight enough incline to where the car would roll back slightly. I shimmied my way out of the lot and drove home. The pedal firmed up during the drive. Started the car this afternoon and the pedal is to the floor again. I pumped the pedal but could not get the car into any forward gears (I reversed into the garage). I didn't try for very long as we were in a hurry to leave. Hopefully I can get her into forward gears tomorrow morning to drive to the dealer.
  8. I think it's from the exhaust valve. If you start the car, and switch on sport mode, the noise goes away. It comes back when you take off because (I think) the valve closes back down. I hear it when backing up also. Mileage... 14mpg sounds right. I typically hover around 14 - 15 in combined city/highway driving. Does anyone know of a way to permanently keep the valves open?
  9. Whoa. Is that what the exhaust sounds like from the outside? Congrats on the car!
  10. Interesting that your digital speedo is in MPH. Here in the US, it's the opposite. Analog is in MPH, digital in KPH
  11. I hear it. I've noticed it since delivery. Thought it was normal.
  12. Well... fast forward a month and I'm getting the rotors replaced under warranty. Go Lotus! The rotors are en route and hopefully can be installed on the car before the holiday week.
  13. I'll have to check later, but are the visors removable? Or will I have to grab a loooooooooooooong chord to get the dryer inside the car?
  14. What do you mean by "insitu?" I think it's the front rotors that's causing the issue, but it's difficult to tell. I tried stopping with the parking brake and I want to say it felt smoother, but I'm not 100% sure. I will have the dealer take a look when it's time to bring her in. Thanks everyone!
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