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  2. Hi, After 10000 miles the RV8 Motor has started smoking badly due to an oil leak so it is time for a rebuild / engine swap. I don't have the facilities to do it myself, and am looking for a specialist to supply and replace it. Does anyone know of a RV8 Specialist which can not only supply a recon engine but also fit it. Cheers, Simon
  3. Hi Dunc, You've beat me to it...... I have the same problem and will have to fix for next MOT end of October. I was planning to buy the UJ's in advance of the stripdown and but was advised to remove the UJ's and take measurements first. Reason being the UJ lengths listed for other cars but cross referenced to Lotuses don't necessarily fit so its a bit of a gamble. Some UJ's can be 1mm too proud which means you cannot fit the circlips. Its definately worth a sanity check with Lotusbits or SJ Sportscars to save inconvenience. Simon
  4. Hi all, Just thought I'd change the engine oil and driveshaft UJ's before the cold weather sets in so I need to raise each end of the car using a trolley jack and axle stands. I'm a tad nervous of jacking the car up in the wrong place and bending the chassis or cracking the body tub. Any ideas where I should be raising the car? For the rear I was planning to raise the car under the diff but at the front I'm stumped.
  5. Dunc, You are more than welcome to pop round to see Guy's old car. All the basics are done but usual electric niggles which I'm working through when kids permit. You can mail me [email protected] or call 07795685262 BR Simon David Thanks. It turns out they are from an Eclat . I've been told but Lotus bits that Eclat and Elite rears slightly differ. Not sure if the colour matches the yellow bodywork. Thought I'd struck gold last week on the Lotusbits website as there was a tan leather S1 interior listed (would have matched my brown carpets)... but it was sold abo
  6. Anyone got front and rear seats and console in beige, black or cream. The horrid cloth trim I have is disintegrating! Simon
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