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  2. Doesn't do too much, on some cars they just hang them out the bottom under the engine. The idea is to capture fumes from within the engine and duct it into the air intake some that they are burned off during combustion. Some engines breath more than others so you may not notice it letting out fumes, on my S1 if I take it off the hose it looks like its steam powered train letting out littles puffs of smoke. Brian
  3. Edge, Do you mean bolted instead of studs? or just the fact its hanging on the back of it?
  4. Any time you go under the dash do yourself a favor and take out the seat. Assuming your carpets have some pile left its not completely uncomfortable like that = )
  5. Hi Dixie, May still be burned out bulbs, although sounding less like it. The normal headlights are dual filament, flashing turns on the high beam part of the low beam bulb as well as the high beam bulb. Brian
  6. Don't see how oil getting past the seal in your distributor could be your problem but maybe I'm missing something. When my distributors oil seal failed it resulted in an occasional hiccup where it wouldn't fire because the contacts in the distributor cap were oiled up. Brian
  7. Stupid question but have you checked the bulbs. On my daily driver I had 4 tail lights all burn out at the same time, so that may be the place to start.
  8. Both the 43D and 45D had weights and springs. The only difference is that the 43D didn't have a vacuum advance.
  9. If you think about the design on the Esprit's heater box, it wouldn't be difficult to have made the heater matrix slide into the heater box through a panel on the side of it from the passenger foot well. John looks like I've got the same style heater box on my Esprit with the single blower, but my matrix exists through the ends of the matrix not at 90 degrees like your.
  10. Is it possible there is some sort of external box doing the advance or maybe something internal like the 123 ignition? What type of distributor is it?
  11. Keep at it you'll figure it out. You may want to checkout the yahoo lotus group think there are more American owners over there who may know this setup better. Brian
  12. Ok, few, I thought you couldn't get it open at all! That would have been a trouble. You can easily take the door card off from the inside and see whats going on.
  13. Hi Andy, You mean the speaker hole under your elbows in the fire wall. Thats kinda strange my S1 has a cavity cast in fiberglass to hold the rear of the speakers. Looks original on my car. Maybe someone cut out the back part of the speaker recesses on your car to install larger speakers? Brian
  14. Could be the hinges... could also be shot door latch mechanism. You don't need to turn and pull though. Just unlock and then pull. Do try lifting a bit. Mine opens much easier due to worn hinges when you lift the door a bit.
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