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  1. Well I can confirm that the SAILUN ATREZZO SH402 handled rather nicely, certainly a softer and grippier experience than the old ones. I haven't tried them in the wet though. @Paul Coleman any inclination to make another set?
  2. I've finally gotten around to having my original rims professionally polished after years in storage and successfully source some new tires and center caps to go with them. I got the center caps from They were quite tight and I had to press them in and then discovered that they are too tall in the rear and the hub pushed them part way out so I'll need to trim a few mm off them. Tires are SAILUN ATREZZO SH402 195/65 R14 and 205/70 R14 I know the fronts aren't the right size but quite close. I haven't driven it yet but I'll report back when I do. Just need to get some decals now. Oh and does anyone know where I can get new lug nuts, my old ones are loosing all their chrome platting?
  3. I did see that kit and contemplated it. Did it come with instructions? I may yet get it as my repair was definitely not the proper way to do it but I didn't want to have the car off the road any longer. Can you tell me, did you lubricate the rack with oil or grease? Cheers,
  4. That is very snappy, nicely done. Maybe I need to investigate the relay mod. I didn't bother trying to tap it right off the batter after I got this done as it was such a huge improvement. Does it move even faster when you've got the car running?
  5. Hey Everyone, So when I went to get 250h safety inspected here in Canada the tech noticed some play on the steering rack. They graciously passed it anyways. I finally got around to pulling the front passenger side wheel (Left hand drive) and getting of proper look. I discovered the bush on the end of the rack had disintegrated into tiny bits, not sure how this happened. Any ideas? Seems a few others have had this happen as well. SJ has the bush part SJ978. Unfortunately to get the bush on requires drilling out a metal slug pounded into the side of the inner tie rod which is not easily done in situ. So I decided to cut the bush down one side and see if I could get it on that way. I cut it through the middle of one of the position bumps, hopefully that keeps it in place. I'll report back after I've put some miles on it to let everyone know how its holding up. Video of missing bush
  6. Yeah, I was nervous about tweaking the window frame and cracking something. I found a bit of new foam and glued it in there. Thanks for the help everyone.
  7. If its any comfort, I have stromberg carbs on my S1 with a relatively new pump and its always ticked every ~10 seconds once the carbs are full if its not running and it doesn't flood the carbs and otherwise seems happy. I just assumed that this was normal as long as no fuel was leaking anywhere. Cheers,
  8. Hey, So turns out it was an adjustment issue. I loosened all the nuts holding the window frame and track on and pushed the window up and down over and over carefully watching where it was getting sticky then added washers to some of them. It now moves fairly smoothly. Is this how smooth it should be: Is this block of foam at the bottom of the guide standard? Seems a little improvised. Cheers,
  9. Humm didn't really notice, which makes me think it probably wasn't notably stiff. How did you lubricate it once you got it clean?
  10. Hi Everyone, Its been a few years since I've posted. 250H had a cracked windscreen which caused a failed safety inspection when I move from Quebec to Ontario, so the cars been sleeping for the past 5 years. It would seem French speaking Canadians don't mind a few cracks in their glass and the English speaking do, go figures. Would a cracked windscreen pass a MOT in the UK? maybe that's where it comes from, they are quite a bit fonder of the Queen in this part of the country. Regardless new glass was sourced, shipped and installed, quite the nerve wracking experience. The car is back on the road all safetied, registered and insured. I've started working on little annoyances and have turned my attention to the driver side window lift motor. So far I've cleaned all the tracks and pulleys and re-greased them. I've pulled the motor, cleaned and re-greased it inside and out. Can anyone confirm if this is the correct motor, it fits and works but its got some sort of black coating all over it. Had tons of carbon bits all over the inside from the brushes I assume so cleaned that all out. I reassembled it all and I think its now worse than before. See the video, the cars not running but I've got a 25amp charger on it, should have plenty of juice. So next steps would be appreciated. I'm going to try powering it directly from the battery to see if relays are in order. I'm inclined to think the window frame needs adjusting but how? Cheers, Brian Video after refitting motor:
  11. Doesn't do too much, on some cars they just hang them out the bottom under the engine. The idea is to capture fumes from within the engine and duct it into the air intake some that they are burned off during combustion. Some engines breath more than others so you may not notice it letting out fumes, on my S1 if I take it off the hose it looks like its steam powered train letting out littles puffs of smoke. Brian
  12. Edge, Do you mean bolted instead of studs? or just the fact its hanging on the back of it?
  13. Any time you go under the dash do yourself a favor and take out the seat. Assuming your carpets have some pile left its not completely uncomfortable like that = )
  14. Hi Dixie, May still be burned out bulbs, although sounding less like it. The normal headlights are dual filament, flashing turns on the high beam part of the low beam bulb as well as the high beam bulb. Brian
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