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  1. Well if you really insist on trying to sell it you could always list it at 1 million on ebay like that company did to draw attention to their fake model from the bond film. If it sells you could easily buy a few more and it not well, we can all laugh at the listing.
  2. I keep setting mine up this way, then someone comes along and "fixes" it and runs it up over the timing belt and over the cam covers. First my dad, then my mechanic. I keep telling them I know its bonkers but its how its supposed to be setup. Plus the wrong way it gets way to close to the timing belt and theres nothing to fix it to.
  3. There I was thinking my car was like the others, I've got a large collection of ground wires that connect from the main wire loom to just in front of the master brake cylinder. Now that I think about it the loom looked like it had been "adjusted" by a PO. I suspect that they were having ground issues are decided to ground everything to that bolt.
  4. Are we talking about the ground bolt under the master brake cylinder?
  5. Those demister vents look completely different than mine, mine are quite long and skinny. Two up along the windscreen and two of the style present in the binnacle, one in the binnacle, one just above the glove box. Mine's a federal so maybe that had something to do with it. Brian
  6. Fix the leg, keep the car. Tendon and muscle injuries can take forever to heal but they do with enough time. Or maybe you could get a really really stiff boot and just stop the whole thing down instead of pivoting your heal... haha ok thats a bad idea.
  7. Bill were you the lucky guy who picked up the black S1 on ebay with the engine fire?
  8. What do the bottom of your window shelves look like? Mine seem to sit on the seat belts rather then the little white bristle things.
  9. My S1 has two, each is back-light by the parking brake on the driver side and corresponding spot on the passenger side. The pile of my carpet is quite thick there and I've melted the carpet putting it back in before. Not sure if original. Certainly not a very good spot for them.
  10. The Stromberg intake manifold looks different only 2 intakes instead of 4. There is a vacuum take off in the center. To be clear the Federal spec cars have a vacuum retard not an advance.
  11. Sure makes me feel like I reacted quickly to my fire, it didn't cause any damage to the interior.
  12. I'm so jealous... I notice you don't have the horizontal pad above the glove box door. Was that only installed on certain cars?
  13. My S1 has two little angle brackets not those big ones and they are held on with self tapping wood screws.
  14. Please post photo's as I may copy your setup.
  15. That makes sense, the federal version had a charcoal cannister and fume recovery system which the domestic version did not have. I've been trying to find a suitable breather solution for my car as it was originally a federal car but the cannister and vent lines were removed and caped and the fuel caps were ported with small holes and no role over protection. Now that I look a the parts manual for the fuel system there is this Non-Return Valve A076L6001F * * 2 In Filler Breather Pipe Which is marked as for all cars and there are two. So there may be a valve on the domestic version too.
  16. When you say through the wheel arch, is there a separate hole or are you just going to run it down to the drain hole under the fuel tank?
  17. Mind posting which one you ended up using?
  18. Yup, its in parallel to the fuel pump. Make sure its grounded.
  19. You sure SJ doesn't have air boxes? I bought one from them this summer, you have to get the clips extra mind you.
  20. Phil, I live here ... still trying to figure that out.
  21. The original air filter box and engine cover are available as new reproduction parts from SJ Sports Cars I believe.
  22. I never got mine to sit perfectly flat. There is a slight bit of adjustment on the hinge itself. There is a nut and washer before the bolt part of the hinge goes through the car body in the pod hole. If you tighten the nut towards the bonnet on the pod side before it goes through then you might be able to pull it down a bit. Also make sure you aren't using excessively thick washers and nuts especially if you're replaced the hardware. On my car the hinges had come loose between the too layers of fiberglass and were flapping about, if this has previously happened to your and they've been repaired closer to the bottom then the top layer then this may also be contributing to it sitting proud. Brian M.
  23. Hope you're son recovers swiftly, sports injuries suck but if you're going to get hurt you might as well be doing something you like. Brian
  24. Sorry to hear the problem hasn't been resolved. I get the feeling you're very close though. Please do post pictures of the mayo, I've never been completely sure what was considered normal condensation vs head gasket failure. Brian
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