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  1. Forgive me but I may have 'mistakenly' placed a similar question on the technical page.. Basically, I was wondering what the correct idle speed is for my 1998 GT3, which seems to idle at just over 1000 rpm, though not entirely without any minor fluctuating. Is this normal???
  2. Hi, I've just picked up my 1998 GT3, having had it checked out by PNM Enigeering (see Motoring/Lotus/Esprit Chat: Finally GOt my GT3!!!) My car, once warm seems to idle at just over 1000rpm and seems to be very slightly disjointed... What is the correct idle speed, and if mines incorrect wht's the likely problem???
  3. After a couple months (and numerous posts) deliberating which way to go after my Porsche 911 (996) including considering, Ferrari 348, Honda NSX, V8 GT etc etc, I today picked up my black 1998 GT3 (I picked up the daily runner a 1999 Lexus IS200 a few weeks back, both cars purchased from the proceeds of the Porsche with a bit left over!!). I actually bought it a few weeks ago, but it was at PNM engineering (where I had the pre-purchase inspection carried out) having some little tweaks done, and a bit of bodywork (the wheels were returned to their original colour, the previous owner having had them sprayed black!!). I'm awaiting an original V8 spoiler which will be going on the car within the next week or so. All I can say is, this is the buzz that I've been looking for, having tried a few cars since my Toyota Supra SZ (inc. a Porsche Boxster, Lotus Elise 111S and Porsche 911). The car had the following mods when I bought it: Modifications: Suspension (moto-concept) Spacer (rear wheels only) Air Filter (moto-concept) Dump valve (lotusespritworld) Brakes (moto-concept:front and rear Kevlar-carbon brake pads, front and rear grooved discs) Door Sills (Lotus Esprit World) Alloy Gear Surround (Lotus Esprit World) Exhaust: (Larini Systems:Twin sports exhaust) I'm particularly impressed with the exhaust. With regards price, I got lucky, as the seller originally advertised the car for
  4. Hi, I'm looking for an alloy wheels website with a configurator that includes the Esprit, so you can see what the different types of wheels will look like on your car. I've found a few sites but none have the Esprit I'm not actualy looking for a site to buy the wheels from, just want to consider different types of wheels.... Anyone know of any such sites????
  5. We've all heard the stories about warranties not being worth the paper they're written on, but has anyone taken out a private warranty and successfully used it? If so, with whom and how much? Considering it for a prospective V8 GT purchase...
  6. I viewed a V8 GT recently which had the cam belts changed at 32,000 miles, tension adjusted at 46,000 miles and the car is now on 55,000 miles. Does it require a cambelt change now? If so, what sort of price (just for cambelt change - had s service at 51,000 miles in November)?
  7. I went to view a V8 GT (prospective purchase) today, and was very impressed with the speed, handling, looks, sound etc etc I'm of course aware that I'm likely to be shelling out more on maintenance than I had to in my 911 (approx.
  8. The Porsche 996 is now a distant memory, and the daily runner Lexus IS200 is in sight. This still leaves the remainder of my budget designated for the Esprit. It's encouraging that there aren't that many post-98 ones for sale. However, I WANT ONE, AND I WANT IT NOW My Budget: Up to
  9. Looks like a mediocre Saleen S7 replica... 'Replica' 'Real Thing'
  10. As many of you will know, I've recently sold my Porsche 911 (996) and I'm looking for the best Esprit that I can afford. I've been advised on this forum that if getting a V8, to get one with the piston liners already 'done'. Is anyone able to advise on the cost of having this work done, ie. if considering a V8 that hasn't had the liners 'done'? Can someone also explain precisely what getting the liners 'done' actually entails
  11. Hi, I've seen a variety of Esprits for sale within my budget, ranging from early V8's to cheaper older GT3's to later models of both. Does anyone have any good comparison pics of the older and new dashboards/interiors in order that i can see how much I'd care about not having a later dash if it comes to it...
  12. Can anyone advise as to where I might get these parts and/or get the conversion done. (This is in anticipation of my imminent purchase which is likely to be a V8 GT). I've contacted sjsportscars, but their ETA is June. Does anyone else do the parts for this conversion???????
  13. Can someone give me some info about Oxford, I've tried 'Events' but to no avail....
  14. This is my second post. In my first post, I explained that I am in the process of selling my Porsche 911(996) to make way for an Esprit and a daily runner (hopefully a Lexus). I sought opinion on what model I could get for up to
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