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    andrew Bradshaw
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    esprit s3 hc na 1982 turbo work in progress excel celebration from new 90,000 miles serviced by me. still have it
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    south wales

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  1. where was it bolted the two screws between the h/brake and g/leaver fine did you remove the radio panel. and are the fixings accessible then.
  2. Ok i have a new carpet set from Coverdale i have removed most of the trim ok but i really do not want to remove the dash. has anyone managed to do it without all the hassle of removing the dash. Just struggling on the front of the transmission tunnel it is one thing that is a tight fit LOL.
  3. andy b

    S3 HC NA

    Were there any brochures available for this model. I am aware only a handful were made.
  4. thank you Jon my car is later with bendix M/cylinder
  5. Is there a supplier of brake master cylinder repair kits about 1990 Excel
  6. Thank you radio rescue are unable its to new lol we will see if chromelondon can help email sent
  7. Anyone have a Clarion CD player mod CDC9300 six changer player mine has packed up on the EXCEL or anyone know if it can be repaired i am in touch with the repair centre in Wilshire not looking to good there
  8. Hi all i am wanting a carpet set for the excel celebration anyone know what the shade of colour is i remember they were made by wilton but i could be mistaken its sort of a tan colour unless it was off whit and is now dirty. Andy
  9. Hello all does anyone know where i can get a full carpet set for a Celebration excel. I would like the original wilton type if i can get them
  10. Wow brilliant our bike has a document with it stating it was ESSEX first then changed to JPS so there was prob a couple of these bikes. do you have any history with your bike. I am working with Monaco registration authority to get a copy of our registration log book.
  11. Hi Every one four of us restored and used the Traveco JPS motorhome as one of the members Pete reakner had a disability we bought this honda team lotus pit bike i am looking for pictures of it can anyone help please The JPS motorhome with my racing rig castle combe some years back
  12. andy b

    Phil bull

    Thanks people i thought he was a dealer and i want the car to go to a enthusiast so thats cool andy
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