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    andrew Bradshaw
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    esprit s3 hc na 1982 turbo work in progress excel celebration from new 90,000 miles serviced by me. still have it
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  1. andy b

    JPS pit bike

    Wow brilliant our bike has a document with it stating it was ESSEX first then changed to JPS so there was prob a couple of these bikes. do you have any history with your bike. I am working with Monaco registration authority to get a copy of our registration log book.
  2. Hi Every one four of us restored and used the Traveco JPS motorhome as one of the members Pete reakner had a disability we bought this honda team lotus pit bike i am looking for pictures of it can anyone help please The JPS motorhome with my racing rig castle combe some years back
  3. andy b

    Phil bull

    Thanks people i thought he was a dealer and i want the car to go to a enthusiast so thats cool andy
  4. andy b

    Phil bull

    Any one know this chap Phil Bull from south Yorks he is coming to have a look at me S3 turbo on sat. with a view to buying it andy
  5. andy b

    andy b

  6. Hi Bibs Thanks for the reply steve bust his wheel 100yds from my house so the car is here i have just rung him he will be in touch shortly andy b
  7. Just wrecked an alloy on a rock, and I am going to Lemans on Thursday. Has anyone got one please. I am signed in on a friends laptop, my mobile is 07802 268858 Steve White - Whitey on TLF Thanks
  8. EDIT -
  9. On my 91 excel the vacuum advance advances the engine by a lot making the engine run fast idle it worked when cold but when the engine warmed up the vac advance reduces and the disi base plates move back to normal ignition and my car would cut out i removed the disi and put a little wire between the two base plates and that cured the problem there is a little bush that becomes oval and looses the earth connection that could be the problem it will cause misfire hope this helps andy b
  10. I always line every thing up and tie rap the cam sprockets before removal of the old belt it does help. andy
  11. andy b

    2 G cars

    Ok what's the 0 to 60 and the standing quarter
  12. andy b

    2 G cars

    I will consider it but they would have to be turbo models before we had a deal
  13. andy b

    2 G cars

  14. andy b

    2 G cars

    Andy B here This is going to be interesting I had a hip replaced last Tuesday The left one there may be 2 G cars one early turbo and a HC NA for sale if i cannot get in them. Mind you i will be very determined to succeed The turbo engine rebuild will have to wait a while. on the recovery road now. ANDY B
  15. Fitting or removing will make no difference to cooling thats a high vacuum area. and air will be pulled out with forward motion.
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