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  1. Thanks for the tip Rizla, think August will be around the time I'm likely to have the funds together for a decent one. So many great cars I could be driving tomorrow but I'm only interested in the Esprit. Will be keeping my eyes on the classifieds hopefully one will turn up at the right price at the right time! Hey, Owen! Sounds like a familiar story with Esprit ownership - they are high maintenance ladies but worth all the trouble and more. Full points for getting 'another lotus as a run around' while you get yours properly sorted. Two years sounds like a long time for her t
  2. Well, time for a quick update. I've moved into my first house and as everyone warned me, turned out to be rather more expensive than I thought. Now fully furnished and most of the niggles sorted though my Lotus fund has taken a rather serious battering. Still have enough to get myself a nice Boxter / S2000 or even maybe an early Stevens at a push but I'm now a good way off having the cash for a nice GT3. Been without a car now for a year and tempting as it is to quit out and get something 'sensible' while a carry on saving I know running a sports car isn't going to help me s
  3. Well it could go down like a lead ballon and might take a dive from our estimates.
  4. With classic car prices going as crazy as they are and all the bond fanatics out there, I'll guess 600k.
  5. So what is the purpose of the manual switch? Would it infer there's an issue with the thermostat? Why not just fix the fan to come on at lower temps?
  6. Nail head, if it feels wrong keep looking. Interesting to hear the AC is also used to keep the car cool, thought it was a seperate system for engine and another for passengers? Still got allot to learn about the Esprits! I've heard it can be a big problem especially on the older cars and is expensive to fix. Wouldn't come as a suprise if that was knackered too - sounds like she has been unloved for quite some time.
  7. Interesting to hear those override switches are fairly common, at least on the old g cars. Unsuprising it's hanging around, too many warning signs to part with top dollar for it.
  8. Fully with you on the importance of history with these. I've read through the lengthy check lists that I have found online and have a good idea on what should of been done, seeing regular servicing and those inevitable jobs such as fuel tanks is really a must. While both stunning neither car was mint. The blue one was a bit tatty, as you say it was bubbling on the front bumper and there were stone chips / blemishes over other parts of the car. There was also rust on the metal trim by the door windows. I thought it might have been left outside with all the visible wear and tear on the body.
  9. Cheers lads, all insightful solid gold advice as per usual. Not like PistonHeads, no one has suggested an M5 instead yet Paul: Yup, doing those fuel tanks is not a job I would envy. More than up for learning to service my esprit but don't want to start at the deep end with a purchase. An few grand spent at purchase can evidently pay dividends later. Of course you can spend the extra an still end up with a dog, getting some advice here should mitigate that risk though Mark: Absolutely, the only way I'll get a good one for 13k is if some one is in a hurry. Would rather wait to be
  10. Great to see there's some good one's coming up. Barrie, message replied to Paul, you're car does sound perfect. Big bonus that's been thouroughly sorted and had all the big jobs done, not brave enough to get a fixer-upper! Bit out of budget but spending more just means waiting longer. Let me know when you get some pics up and I'll take a look with interest. Cheers Steve
  11. Great stuff Barrie, do have any details? Regards Steve
  12. Hi Paul, Interesting, what sort of miliage is she on and do you have any pics? Will still be a good few months before I'm in a position to buy, but hoping to be in one before christmas. How quickly will you want to shift her?
  13. Was having a quick look on confused the other day, refreshed my quote and it has leapt from £800 to £1200 for an S4. Will definetly be joining up here when I get my wheels Bibs, those insurance offers for members look great!
  14. More great advice, thanks guys. So it looks like I'm about right. Owning an Esprit will be impractical, somewhere between expensive and ruinous, require me becoming a mechanic, I'll need to be patient and travel the country finding the right one, I'll never stop upgrading her and there will always be a job which needs doing. Can't wait
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