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    I feel your pain. Life's a bitch.
  3. Can't see any reason to complain - the weather the rest of the year has been crap after all. Mind you, the sweltering train carriage back from London each day has been a box of stink.
  4. Good to get to Newlands again after a spell of work-induced hibernation. temple - I told you it would be more fun going cross-country...
  5. - I wondered if the secondary noise came from the drivers of the vehicles?...
  6. ^^ - in case people start losing interest, things liven up around the 1:25 mark...
  7. ^^ 'sounded a bit undecided to me.
  8. Cheers for that. I will look out for the full schedule of appearances - and get along to one.
  9. ^^ how fantastic is that? It will be a terrible shame if it doesn't fly again...
  10. That was just up the road from me! ( - do you know anything about this Alan?..)
  11. I agree with all of that.
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