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    Bakers dozen

    I feel your pain. Life's a bitch.
  2. Can't see any reason to complain - the weather the rest of the year has been crap after all. Mind you, the sweltering train carriage back from London each day has been a box of stink.
  3. Good to get to Newlands again after a spell of work-induced hibernation. temple - I told you it would be more fun going cross-country...
  4. - I wondered if the secondary noise came from the drivers of the vehicles?...
  5. ^^ - in case people start losing interest, things liven up around the 1:25 mark...
  6. ^^ 'sounded a bit undecided to me.
  7. Cheers for that. I will look out for the full schedule of appearances - and get along to one.
  8. ^^ how fantastic is that? It will be a terrible shame if it doesn't fly again...
  9. That was just up the road from me! ( - do you know anything about this Alan?..)
  10. I agree with all of that.
  11.     - my only hope is that it wasn't market targeted!
  12. It could be worse. A mate on another forum was getting pop-ups for Farmsex.
  13. The one sitting on the end of the bed is only three miles away from me. I took that as a warning.
  14. I read that Hune's son was none too impressed that his mother had taken the rap, and had exchanged a series of texts with his father. that made it clear that the points swap had taken place and that Hune had been lying. Hune's son had threatened to reveal them to the court if he didn't own up. Hune's lawyers had tried to get the texts rejected as inadmissable evidence but failed - after which he changed his plea to guilty.
  15. I'm always game for quiz humiliation - so will do my darndest.
  16. Saw this for sale at Wilkinson's. 'looks suspiciously like an Exige - and a snip at under eight quid!
  17. Went to see Django Unchained last night. As has been said, Tarantino's best since Pulp Fiction - and another great soundtrack.
  18. Massa drove better last year than any time since he got the 'Alonso is faster than you' team order. I was still surprised when Ferrari kept him though.
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