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  1. I think someone's got it in for me. I found a Tesco's burger laying on my pillow...
  2. I'm going to have Tesco's meatballs tonight. I've heard they're the dog's bollocks.
  3. Gonzo


    That's disappointing...
  4. Will the hike in the cost of a lottery ticket also mean a higher rake-off for Camelot? (Not that I'm cynical, or anything...)
  5. 'just been catching up on this thread. Blimey - what a story!
  6. Christian Horner would say that though, wouldn't he? Very nicely summed up by Stirling_V and Iconic in my opinion.
  7. TOP PRIZES!!! Cheers Gary - 'hoping to be there. Andy
  8. When is the next meet chaps? - is it on Tuesday 5th Feb?..
  9. The Brooklands event sounds good. - that's New Year's Day sorted!
  10. His TV shows were great. As a kid I thought he had one of the best jobs in the world: make a big fancy model - and then blow it to bits! RIP
  11. I had a Larini Club exhaust fitted to my previous Lotus (Elise S2), which was loud - though I found it got oppressive on a long run. My current car (Elise 111R) has a 2Bular system which is generally quieter than the Larini - though still does the business if you put your foot down.
  12. You can't beat the sound of well looked after original vinyl.. 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town'
  13. I read the book and heard this too. Awesome trailer though - so perhaps best approached as "inspired by the book"...
  14. Thanks for posting the great photos - it really was a perfect morning! Here's a few more from today:
  15. Time for a bit of good old Christmas tat - ideal for those tired and emotional post Christmas party moments. Attack of the Sprouts!
  16. Planning to be there. The lad is keen too. He's always up for the Newlands run ( - and the breakfast!)
  17. Gonzo

    TLF do Brugge

    - 'sounds great! Mr and Mrs would be well up for this if the dates are ok.
  18. A true British eccentric. The BBC says: "When war came he turned down a place at Cambridge and lied about his age to join the RAF, serving as a navigator with Bomber Command and rising to the rank of Flight Lieutenant. His RAF experiences, which included a visit to the Dachau concentration camp, left him a bitter opponent of war. His fiancee, Lorna, was killed when an ambulance she was driving was hit by a bomb. He never married. He presented The Sky At Night for five decades. "That was it," he said. "There was no one else for me. Second best is no good for me. I would have liked a wife and family, but it was not to be."
  19. Sad I can't make it to this one. - have a fantastic night everyone!
  20. This is all very sad. - I wonder if she was being pursued by the media? I would hope not - but they can be pretty ruthless.
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