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    Blue Excel A225

    A very nice blue Excel on the A225 at the Otford village pond roundabout - 9.00 this morning.
  2. Father Christmas? - Indian!
  3. Blimey - you mean like that village in 'Deliverance'?...
  4. How about Trottiscliffe in Kent?.. (- not far from you, Bibs!)
  5. Coming out of Victoria Station this morning, and dodging the roadworks, I could hear the distant strains of 'Jingle Bells'. Was it the Salvation Army?.. The sound got nearer. Someone playing solo??? Turning a corner, there was a bloke sitting on the pavement busking - making trumpet noises through a traffic cone.
  6. Raikkonen returns to rallying!
  7. The bit between 10 - 30 seconds was me when a wasp flew up my shorts!
  8. We went to Crete in the summer ( - and very nice too..) on a put together package. While the flights were well pricey, the car, accommodation and eating out were pretty cheap. What was different this time round though, was that everyone wanted paying in cash - even for the apartment.
  9. >gasp< Thanks Travis - BRING IT ON!
  10. Gonzo


    Check out that schnurbart! £170 - and counting!
  11. Thanks for the advice and recommendations. - Forza 4 is now on order!!
  12. Gonzo


    I used to fly hot air balloons - and had a Cameron V77 (if that means anything to anyone!) Did a lot of flying in the UK and France - and also flew in Canada (Ontario and Alberta). I had a Pilot's Licence for Balloons and Airships - which has now lapsed through lack of flying hours (sigh...)
  13. Gonzo


    I saw it last night - and would give it 8/10. More insight into characters in this one - and a sequence that would have made Home Alone a lot more fun. ( - there was a watery cheer in the cinema when the DB5 appeared! )
  14. What with Christmas coming up an' all, I'm planning to buy my son a racing game for his X Box 360 that has an option for Lotus cars. This will not, of course, be in any way meant for my own entertainment. Can anyone recommend any GT/Rally type game (- other than F1)?.. TIA
  15. In response to ChrisJ's query, recording the ballot paper number against the name of the voter is done as a safeguard against election fraud. Each ballot paper has a unique number, which is recorded against the voter's name/poll number. The ballot papers and list of names/numbers are then stored seperately under lock and key, for 5 years. During that time, if any vote fixing or mischief is suspected, a Court Order can be made for the papers to be dug out and checked over. ChrisJ is right though. Technically, it's not a secret vote - though it does help avoid the situations that crop up in other countries, where the wrong 'uns can romp home with 100%.
  16. I agree with Kimbers. The further the Police are from the big political parties the better for everyone. As for pre-election flyers: we've had a glossy 'newspaper' from the Tories - and a letter from an Independant.
  17. Gonzo


    - it's just gone up again!
  18. I had a pretty clear drive over with Temple - and met some good people. Had to smile though, when the police car did a slow circuit of the car park. Was he admiring the cars - or eyeing up the 'customers'??..
  19. Everything Jim Clark said. - and it's good to see that Andretti has put a TLF banner on his Lotus, under John Player.
  20. Stirling_Villeneuve: the voice of reason.
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