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  1. Indeed. I've always thought Alonso was an imperious whatnot - but (astonishingly), I now want him to WIN.
  2. EJ! EJ! EJ! I'm probably being mean spirited, but it's a shame The Finger won again...
  3. Is that the Lotus F1 Haka?...
  4. I'm thinking of making an early booking at the CampingF1 site for the 2013 Belgium Grand Prix - taking the family plus tent. Has anyone used this site? Would you recommend it? - or are there better sites?..
  5. I was all set up for the wet t-shirt/singlet comp too...
  6. I'm sorry to have missed out on this last night. I got stuck at work - and didn't get back from Sin City 'til late.
  7. I'm hoping to be there - and to say howdy doody.
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