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  1. What's that all about?


    One of my fave biscuits is Arnotts Mint Slice. You know the choc coated, chocolate biscuit with the mint icing topping.

    Well, they're great, but they come with 13 in the pack.


    So you eat 2 at a time until you get to the last 3 and it's like,

    "What do I do with that?"

    Do you show strength and only take your normal two? That leaves this one forlorn biscuit in the tray just taking up space and you thinking to yourself,

    "What if I want two the next time I feel peckish? I've only got one left in the pack."

    "Ah stuff it! I'll eat all three of 'em!"


    Why don't eggs come 13 to a carton? Beers? Or any other number of things?


    Why do they tease us with biscuits like this?


    I feel your pain.  Life's a bitch.

  2. Yes cross-country can be fun, new places and scenery, to behold,


    Some what strange to have two towns` called Redhill so close together with same buildings


    One can only assume did someone, get lost AGAIN as you did at Godstone :harhar:


    Also on the way home, you nearly took the wrong road :harhar:


    The big wide road M25 slow but its straight, SO people who cannot read maps all go in straight lines


    without roundabouts      still great fun


    blimey.    :dizzy:

  3. I read that Hune's son was none too impressed that his mother had taken the rap, and had exchanged a series of texts with his father. that made it clear that the points swap had taken place and that Hune had been lying.  Hune's son had threatened to reveal them to the court if he didn't own up.


    Hune's lawyers had tried to get the texts rejected as inadmissable evidence but failed - after which he changed his plea to guilty.

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