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  1. Coming out of Victoria Station this morning, and dodging the roadworks, I could hear the distant strains of 'Jingle Bells'. Was it the Salvation Army?..

    The sound got nearer. Someone playing solo???

    Turning a corner, there was a bloke sitting on the pavement busking - making trumpet noises through a traffic cone.

  2. I used to fly hot air balloons - and had a Cameron V77 (if that means anything to anyone!) Did a lot of flying in the UK and France - and also flew in Canada (Ontario and Alberta).

    I had a Pilot's Licence for Balloons and Airships - which has now lapsed through lack of flying hours (sigh...)

  3. I saw it last night - and would give it 8/10.

    More insight into characters in this one - and a sequence that would have made Home Alone a lot more fun.

    ( - there was a watery cheer in the cinema when the DB5 appeared! )

  4. In response to ChrisJ's query, recording the ballot paper number against the name of the voter is done as a safeguard against election fraud.

    Each ballot paper has a unique number, which is recorded against the voter's name/poll number. The ballot papers and list of names/numbers are then stored seperately under lock and key, for 5 years. During that time, if any vote fixing or mischief is suspected, a Court Order can be made for the papers to be dug out and checked over.

    ChrisJ is right though. Technically, it's not a secret vote - though it does help avoid the situations that crop up in other countries, where the wrong 'uns can romp home with 100%.

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