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  1. If you need different ones try Geoff at Esprit Engineering 07973 404930 +44 (0)1725 514449 [email protected] He had numerous ones instock, got others made to meet my requirements and had special thinner buckets to cope with shims that needed to be a little bit to thin to be relied upon long term. He could not have been more helpful and very reasonable. If you send him your spares when you have finished, it will help him to help someone else out next time.
  2. Well they just can't make it using conventional sizes. It wouldn't be French ! I recently found a 'Helicoil' re-threading kit on ebay if you need to replace any stripped threads. I haven't used this particular make yet, but I was pleased to find it. This is a proper engineering repair technique and is stronger than the original, although a bit of skill is needed to use them. You can even use more than one at a time to replace a thread in a hugely enlarged hole ! Copper slip grease also does wonders in helping prevent steel and aluminium 'bonding' of bolts in holes, making disassembly a lot easier for next time.
  3. I've always wondered how cyclists can have formal races on the open public highway ? I once got caught up in the middle of a race, when pulling out of a T junction, over took the first group I came across then had to slow down for the next, at which point the group behind me caught me up and were a little strong in there comments about me holding them up !! Oh and I was driving my Unimog high speed tractor !! I was very tempted to do a break test and test their reactions, as they seemed to want to ride on the machine I was carrying. Perhaps it's me but 'due care and attention' ?
  4. Hope the ice cream is good. I don't think you're alone on this one. The general standard of driving is pretty poor to my eyes. To many inexperienced drivers in cars that are to capable and to quiet to disturb there hermatically sealed enviroments, but without a reset button ! I have a theory that hopefully nature will thin the stupid ones out. But they invariably get away with it and hurt the innocent instead, oh and we now live at the level of the weakest most stupid person, so as not to cause offence ! Have to say the thought of trying to negotiate the idiots in the rain, at night, with a wiper that sort of works and sat at puddle height made me go to my customers today, in my Land Rover Defender ! The collie doesn't like the Esprit much anyway and it makes you go looking for the deepest puddles (with respect for others, of course). So we will keep the Lotus for a more suitable day. I will have a look out for Focus drivers, but there are nice people out there still (just drive a Defender somewhere and see how many waves you get from other Defender drivers ). I even met a very complementary 911 driver the other day. I still wouldn't buy one, but it did made me see Porsche drivers in a different light. In the meantime if you need a Land Rover let me know as I have a few spares and matron says my ice cream is ready. Wonder if I will get a spoon of my own this time ?
  5. Having now spent 2 glorious visits at the Lotus factory this year, driving some of the current range of vehicles and taking mine around the test track, I would also like to add my name to the list for a new set up for my S3 N/A 1982 car. There knowledge and expertise is incredibly good value. Updated List ?????? 1. Tony K 2. Esprit S2 (Paul Baxter) 3. Troy 4. Peteyg (Pete Gentilli) 5. yeller77 (Eric) 6. matk 7. ghe67 (giorgio) 8. dwil 9. Matwatts (for 78 Esprit S1) 10. Mark p 11. beagle! 12. Franky (Esprit S2 JPS) 13. JeanVM (Esprit S1) 14. Mundo 15. LOTUS 16. Rich S. 17. Mikes2esprit1979 18. scottmgibb 19. orionflyer74 20. Ian Munro 21. Rogue_S1 (Rob Roy, Esprit S1) 22. HotShoe (Dave Coleman, '78 S1 23. AdamLHelton (Esprit S1) 24. Rohan Hodges (1978 Esprit S1 1/2) 25. Iain Ogilvie (1983 Turbo Esprit) 26. djc 27. ALOOFS2 (Dennis Fresch) 28. surferphil (1978 S1) 29. tiga (1979 S2) 30. gtookey (Gavin Tookey) 31. Rolf, S3 TurboEsprit 32. Mike H 77 L34 33. Mattwatts (for 78 Esprit S2) 34. Plumdeplakmuis (1980 S2.2) 35. richardvg 36. 84 Turbo 37. Matt 38. douglasm 39. 1981esprit2.2 40. Brim (79 S2) 41. Douchy77 S1 42. Rodewaryer 43. Ron 44. RobertC 45. MikeS2 46. Whiskybob 47. simonb 48. Tom Curran 49. Warwick Bunn (1982 S3 N/A)
  6. I'm moving to Norfolk and marrying a Lotus Evora. I could not live without feeling that steering everyday, and that was after my second corner ! It seems I was luckier than some, as I had my test drive with my local Lipscomb salesman. He was more than happy to let me give the Evora it's head. Although the drive was over in an instant (suppose I could have driven slower) my over whelming thought was that I could live with this car everyday, but I don't know what some of my farming customers would say ! The engine had the right amount of power and torque to keep me entertained as well as a good level of sound, not to intrusive but enough to let you know how it was doing and that this is a proper drivers car. Yes the brakes would take some getting used to at low speeds, much like an hgv air brake set up, but at speed I can confidently say; you can remove your head and place it 1 foot in front of the rest of you with amazing ease, especially when that second brake valve opens. The whole set up inspires huge confidence. Maybe the excitement of driving someone else's
  7. Ditto all of the above. We made it all the way there and back, over 420 odd miles, without a single problem. This must be a record and my faith in the old S3 N/A is well and truly restored ! The whole weekend was fabulous. We haven't had such a good weekend away for a very long time. The organisation was superb all round, thank you so much to everyone for all your hard work, it was hugely appreciated. It was so nice to put faces to names and meet so many great like minded new friends. Please do pass on our thanks to all those Lotus staff for a highly infomative day. How many manufacturers would support enthusiasts both old and new to such a degree when the chance of a sale maybe a little way off ! Suzi and I will be raiding all the piggy banks and down the back of the sofa's for any loose change !!! The Evora was quite superb and maybe one day not to far off we will add one to the stable. Thanks again. Warwick and Suzi P.S. And big congratulations to Jenson Button and Team Brawn on becoming World Champion and Constructors Champions. Maybe Lotus will follow in there footsteps next year.
  8. 1: GGHC87 (Cliff) Friday, Saturday, Sunday 2&3: Steve & Lynda Sat /Sun 4&5: sparky & Tracy Saturday, Sunday 6: Martyn Saturday, Sunday 7: internets - Saturday, Sunday 8: mayesprit - Saturday, Sunday 9&10: Dave and Megan - Friday, Saturday, Sunday 11&12: Paul C and Vicki - Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday 13&14: tonyc and son Andrew are going on Sunday 15: [email protected] is going on Saturday and Sunday (he's got the car) 16&17: Andy(Andy67)& Teresa(Pearl White)-Friday.Saturday,Sunday 18: Yasuo Friday,Saturday,Sunday 19&20: Paul and Sarah - Friday, Saturday, Sunday 21&22: Felix(fsrowsell) & Denise - Saturday/Sunday 23&24: Jukka and Sissi - Friday, Saturday, Sunday 25&26: Simon & Lisa - Friday, Saturday, Sunday 27: David Walters AKA Superdavelotus 28: Robert Crooks 29: Boots - Saturday evening, Sunday 30&31: jimmybondi & Ines Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun 32&33: Kimbers and Mrs Kimbers (also known as Wendy) Sat Sun (me only Sunday) 34&35: MJK and Avril Sat (and despite going into hospital for another Op on Friday!!) 36&37&38&(39): Daniel, G
  9. Well the tickets have now arrived (god bless the Royal Mail) and I have got the S3 in the workshop for a quick check over. Surely there can't be any more problems now that I've fixed the leaking rocker cover. Although the smoke behind me, from the oil reaching the manifold, kept the following traffic behind me. The result.... I've come home in the Disco ! Still a few days to go yet. Is that small portable hill still on standby Bibs ?
  10. About time. Please pass on our congratulations, but quietly, thanks.
  11. Hi and welcome to S3 ownership. It sounds like you have electrical earthing issue's, that seem to the cause of most Lotus electrical problems, so try cleaning them all up particularily those under the front bonnet (to the nearside of the heater blower cover) and possibly most importantly both the battery terminals. Poor earths can cause current to flow the wrong way down cables, trying to find the easiest path to earth, resulting in allsorts of strange warning lights and gauge readings etc.! The lighting issues could also be caused by problems with the relays behind the nearside light pod (or at least that's where mine are) under the front bonnet. Again corrosion causing poor connections will create intermitant faults. I think a similar problem caused my temerature sender wire to burn out taking the altenator cover, plastic carb covers and nearly the whole car in the fire that was going on the top of the carbs, so take your problems as an early warning and don't ignore them ! The lack of power to the radio will cause the aerial to retract as the voltage has dropped below the minimum required. This could be due to the 'quality' of the fitting of the radio as well as corrosion to connectors or the fuse box. Again the battery connections are important and check the fuse rating. I get that problem a lot with Land Rover Defenders where the fuse box looks fine but there is corrosion arond the fuse contacts (The fuse boxes even look like the same type !). A clean up with an abrasive paper and or electrical cleaner spray will sort that out. Exposed electrics can be protected with a covering of WD40 or similar as it can help clean and then leave a fine protective film to prevent future corrosion issues. I think the best way to reduce the problems is to use the car ; once you have fixed them for the first time ! Good Luck.
  12. Thanks Bibs, sounds like a plan. I will be leaving from Chiddingstone near Edenbridge (west of Tunbridge Wells) but Suzi is coming from Wales. Might get her to come here first rather than go and get her. Mind you they do a bigger line in hills to coast down so maybe a test run would be in order. Shall we form a convoy ? Better break out the old CB radio. How big are the AA recovery trucks .... room for 2 ?
  13. Well I've finally managed to order my tickets after a bit of a battle with the 'fill all sections' bits. By ordering a vegetarian test drive with a makeover for my S3 while we are enjoying ourselves, I managed to complete the purchase to my great relief. Suzi and I are just a little bit excited and looking forward to meeting the rest of you. Only problem now is persuading the S3 that Kent to Norfolk is a managable distance to complete without external help, oh and asking that if it all goes tits up can we take an AA recovery truck on the charity run, if not the parade lap ?
  14. Nice idea. Any person who fails in business becomes a politian.... so they can balls something else up ! What about Jeremy Clarkson for PM ? A bit of common sense, at last. I think the Conservatives are going to reinstate the old vehicle Road Tax Exemption. It may take a bit of time to reach early esprits, but it all helps.
  15. It must be a Lotus thing but having very carefully reassembled my S3 N/A, got it running beautifully, with the forums help and started to relax and really enjoy driving it ... It catches fire ! I drove it back home, a distance of 3 miles the other night, running really well until the charge warning light came on. It has had new belts and they are all fine and in line so I thought it must be something else. I switched off any surplus power demands leaving just the lights. Engine still running fine but the volt meter showing low voltage in the system. There was a slight burning smell but several people had also noticed it in the village earlier in the day. I decided to continue the last mile and back in to the drive. Opening the engine cover revealed a small fire on top of the front carb. This was coming from the breather and jet cover, which had melted flat but not burnt the gasket below. There were black smoke marks on the cover, a very melted rear cover to the alternator and a very melted wire to the coolant temperature sender. We turned the ignition on, once the air box etc was off, and watched fuel spurt out of the pipe beside the melted jet cover on the front carb I think I can safely say that that was very close to a big fire ! So, the problem is that the altenator has been checked out (it was overhauled less than a year ago and only done a few hundred miles) and is charging fine, the only fault being the warning light wire unsoldering itself and the melted rear cover,probably from the outside. The sender unit wire I now see is in a protective sheath and looks to have been hottest by the alternator and the sender itself. The sender unit appears to be working and I didn't see the temperature rising, as you might get if the wire went to earth. The carbs have been overhauled and were working fine with no leaks. Has anyone got any idea's or experience ? Also does anyone have any recommendations for plumbed in fire extinguisher systems ? Thanks. Warwick. P.S. Dellorto UK next day parts delivery is highly recommended.
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