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  1. Has anyone got the part number for the Yaris steering column? I have been looking and there seems to be a lot of similar parts with different part numbers ending in 40 to around 52
  2. Is this group buy still current? I haven’t been on the Forun in a long time and I need a manifold for 91 carb turbo
  3. Been away so haven't had chance to re look at timing and the valve thing in right quarter panel. workshop manuals and electrical diagrams on back order from Lotus unfortunately so I'm working on limited information.
  4. This appears to make a lot of sense now, not near the car but I'm guessing the changeover valve is the odd thing inside the rear quarter pael near the fuel release solenoid. Pretty sure the hoses are correct. I'm guessing it is controlled by one of the temp sensors in the Alu pipe? Do all these switch at the same temp? Maybe I have the wire pairs to wrong switch? you just have to admire the simplicity of an Esprit ?
  5. Flywheel and cam timing appear right, I thought it was carb trouble but now looking more like ignition timing, I still don't understand why it changes after a few minutes of warming up and idle rpm drops. Thought this was jacking solenoid but it's the same with throttle Jack taken out of the equation so must be something else that changes with temp or a timer? Is there a temp sensor that interacts with ignition timing? if so it would explain the dramatic change after a few minutes warming up.
  6. This is sounding possible, I've been trying to work out why it seems ok for a few minutes, then revs drop and runs poorly when warmed up.
  7. Ordered workshop manual and electrical diagrams from SJ. dont know why I didn't get them ages ago
  8. New fuel pump, filters, breathers, tanks cleaned and sealed etc. just noticed something very weird, the high idle for first couple of minutes is not by the jacking solenoid because it's not even close, so something else, timing etc is holding high idle for so long. While in high idle it will Rev no problem, as soon as idle drops (can't see why it would time-out etc) then it won't Rev at all. i can usually fix most cranes and other technical machines in minutes but this is baffling me at the moment
  9. Stevens car, I appreciate that could be blasphemy in this forum but it's a carb turbo so a bit of a rarity in the 'other' side. after almost 8 years it's almost back in. Running order but I have some running issues which is puzzling me. starts no problem, high tick over for first few minutes, during which time it appears to run pretty well. when the RPM drops to, it still idles fine but will not Rev at all, struggles, pops bangs or cuts out etc. figured it must be carbs so had them rebuilt b specialist, still the same. (Appreciate they will need setting up). noticed the problem was much less when plenum box was not fitted so maybe turbo? - nope, that's ok. all hoses and vac pipes are new and in right place, just feels like I'm running around in circles and it's getting frustrating because I'm so close to it being drivable again. any suggestions guys?
  10. Thank you! That's a massive load of my mind
  11. This may be the most stupid question ever but I can't find an answer. After several years I have finally got the engine back in the car following a complete strip and rebuild. Starts, but only just and doesn't run well. The only thing I can think of now is if I have somehow managed to get the Inlet and Exhaust cams reversed. Is this possible? The valves are all closed at TDC, timing marks lined up etc etc. How can I identify (while in the car) which cam in Inlet or Exhaust? This one has me stumped.
  12. Has anyone been able to find an alternative, or even a similar unit that can be modified.
  13. According to the diagrams on the parts manual: carb turbo cars have a simple pump and filter, while the USA and `other` models have primary, secondary and accumulators etc. Just wondering why my 91 carb turbo has all the extras? Is it ok to remove these? the secondary pump is a nasty plastic Italian item and since i am rebuilding / replacing everything i want it all right. Purchased a Walbro high spec pump for the primary and then realised there was a secondary as well along with the filter and what appears to be a shut off of some kind. - pressumabley over boost cut.
  14. Is the small pimple near top of inlet cam in photo above for identification purposes? - looks like it could be. Good thing is i have exactly the same set up so im happy i didnt accidentally get the pulleys on the wrong cams.
  15. Thank you, It looks like I was right. Just one of those moments when you put doubt in your own head. I really must stop thinking!
  16. If the colour has gone from the dots, how can i check pulleys are correct? I am sure they are right just not 100%. does anyone have a tech drawing or details then i can measure and check etc. thanks, mark
  17. Replacements ordered today from PNM - think i just needed a justification lol
  18. Morning folks, getting on with (just about full) rebuild. All new springs, bushes, shocks etc but just wondering about the trailing arm to body rubber mount. It appears ok but has anyone had any cause to replace? If its easily available i might just do it anyway, but looks like a bit that would be off something else and relatively cheap as long as its not from out friends lol.
  19. LOT, Thanks for the info, i need to get my manifold off and i was going to fabricate a stainless one - as you say, steel is much easier - never thought about the potential for cracking and its not really in a place where you would want to polish it !
  20. Very warm welcome mate. everyone here is friendly and helpful
  21. Its the metal frame - whoever had the bright idea of putting foam in a steel channel under a car was a __________ !! Yes Roger T.D thats the bit, thanks ! (think i need to keep EspritEngineering as a short-cut). Thanks for the cowl (or whatever its correct name is) offer, mine is ok thanks
  22. Good morning, After being apprehensive to start i removed my radiator / air con and oil cooler without much fuss. Had to cut all bolts / fixings with a grinder of course. I also cut straight through the oil cooler pipe fittings because these are very easy to replace in situ. - Easier to cut through the fitting and save the cooler. Most hydraulics service vans have portable crimpers that can re-end the hoses while on the car. I will split the old fittings off the cooler on the bench by cutting longtitudinally and peeling off away from the threads. Now, I have the rad core out, but the surround is rotten (understandable for a 19 yr old car). I could fabricate a new surround, or buy a replacement if anyone is making these - only previous topics and posts seem to be from 2007 ish. Does anyone have a supplier for the radiator frame? (Lotus can supply the whole lump of course), or maybe go down the alu rad route and make fan housing etc to fit. I have to say having the car high at the front is a must for rad removal - the guy who did it at side of road with car on kerb (topic on here) must be a saint and a contortonist!
  23. Thanks for this GKP, i had looked on their site and somehow missed these.
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