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  1. Now. I understand, thanks to all. Another question: Whats the best way to mount the doors. To complete them and then attach them to the car? Or, mount the aluminium beam to the car and add all pieces step by step? Does the aerial need to be mounted before the door is mounted to the car? I would like to install an aerial with elctric motor, does someone know which aerial fits? Thanks, Lutz
  2. Hello, bit by bit I am proceeding with the restoration. Here the next question: How does the ventilation of the boot work? The RH air scoop fits to a 70 mm air hose, where does this go? Does it go to the engine compartment ventilation or directly to the carburettors intake? Where do the carburettors get their air from? The LH air scoop fits to a 90 mm air hose, where does this one go? Does it ventilate only the lugagge compartment? Thanks Lutz
  3. Next update: As I know two Esprit S2 owners who have cooling problems with their engines I decided two install a larger radiator with improved fans. My car has originally the small radiator like S1 not the later inclined one. I got a radiator from an Esprit SE which fits in the airduct of the S3 NA. As the lower shell of the S2 body is the same in the front area like the S3 everything fitted well ......hope that cooling issues won´t come up. As the aluminium tubing of the cooling system was very corroded I had to renew every part. I will use Evans non water based coolant to avoid corrosion in future. I use this coolant on my Alfas and it works very well, another good thing is that the system do not work under pressure when its hot. Does someone have any recommendations which sound deadening material is good and affordable for the interior...floor, bulkhead, front wheel arches etc.... Lutz
  4. Hello, here an update what I did the last week on the car. Pods are installed now, they fit very good and are working mechanically, next big job will be the electrical stuff an the installation of the whole cooling system.
  5. Hello Jani, I just have seen that you converted your car from RHD to LHD, I am doing the same. Do you have a pictore how your wiper motor is installed now?

    Thanks, Lutz

    1. Finlandese


      Hi Lutz,

      I´m not sure that I have, but I can try to take one. Basically it is just mounted upside down. Only LHD part that you need is the wiper arm. After that it is just mirroring the monting holes for the wiper mechanism and flipping the motor to the left side. No need to alter the wiring at all. It was scary initially, but quite easy at the end. I´ll try to take a photo tonight.

      If you have any other questions, I am happy to help.


    2. Finlandese


      Here’s a photo. Hope it helps.


    3. sprint123


      That helps! Conversion of the mechanism was like you discribed. Thanks, Lutz

  6. Giorgo,

    hope you are well in Italy, terrible what is happening all over and specially in your country. For me the only positive thing is that my garage is the best quarantine zone, because I am alone there, and found some time to work again on my car. So I have some questions you might help.

    Can you send me a pic how the outboard pivotpin of the headlight pods looks like?

    And, do you know if the fuel tanks are connected directly with a thin breather hose? I dont remember how it was made on my car, this transparent tube was broken in thousand part because of the glue and the time. One the left hand  side there was a one direction valve in the tube....

    Is your car LHD or RHD. I converted min from RHD to LHD, I i am wondering how the wiper motor is installed in a LHD car, do you hav informations?

    thanks Lutz....

    1. giorgio67


      Hello Lutz thanks for your message. To answer your questions:

      the pivot pin on my car, late S2.2 is different from your S2, mine is the sane as the S3 model

      breather pipes connect the fuel tanks and are routed all around the rear bulkhead glass under the carpet, there are also a Non return valves on lh side of the fuel tanks pipes fixed in vertical position on the metal plate riveted on the tailgate aperture.

      my car is RHD and has the wiper motor on the RH wheel arch under the dashboard, your LHD must be in the same position but on the lh side 

      hope this help

      best wishes


  7. Thanks Giorgio, this pic really helps, now I understand! Lutz
  8. Hello, after a very long time I managed to work today on my Esprit S2. I disassembled the car several years ago, so some details are a mystery for me. I have some questions: 1. I started to install the headlight pods an motors. I was not able to mount the lamps/beams into the pods. There are 3 metal-rings to fix the lamps in the pod. Does some have a grafis/drawing or images how it is assembled? Which screws are used? Are the parts on the picture part of the headlights pods? 2. Unfortunately two bearing housings (inside the pod, part nr. 7 in the manual, I am not able to upload the picture, sorry) are missing, any idea where I can get this parts? 3. Which way takes the 'speedocable' through the body (LHD)? 4. Which way takes the chocke cable go through the body? Looking forward for any advices, thanks. Lutz
  9. Very sophisticated! The colours of your tools match with those of the car. The esprit badge beside the fuel fillers is missing the 'S2'. Very nice project. Lutz
  10. sprint123


  11. Hello, the best way to clean those kind of parts is dry ice blasting, it takes away nearly everything while preserving the original surface structure.
  12. Hello Jani, as I am reassembling my S2, so I have not finally solved the problem. The only thing I have done is to mirror the holes in the body beneath the windscreen before painting the car. I have also bought a used LHD wipermotor and a LHD wiperarm as they are also mirrored. But I think with a little work you can change the motor and whiperarm, thats what I wanted to do, but with the time I found on ebay LHD parts for a small price. You can use all Giugaro Esprit (S1, S2, S3 and Turbo) whipermotors, they look the same. Lutz
  13. Hello, with little steps the restoration goes on. I managed to install the pedal-box and the master cylinders for brake and clutch. Now the inner steel profiles which are sandblasted and sprayed black are waiting to be mounted. At least I have two questions: 1. Where is this bracket to be mounted? 2. I need to lock the otter switch in place. This picture seems to show how it was locked originally. The shown brace was missing on my car, does someone know where I can get one, or has a technical drawing to reproduce it (I have a CNC water jet cutter), or any other clever suggestion how to fasten the otterswitch in place and stil be able to place the electric connector? Thanks, Lutz
  14. hello geert, looks good your engine. just a short note: when I overhauld my engine, two lotus experts strongly recommended to change the automatic timing belt tensioner versus the manual version (see long red arrow on picture). it is this simple excenter spindle which you can order at sj. this system is more reliable. it is more important to check the belt tension when the engine is warm. also the frequency method should be mesured on the longest straight of the belt (short red arrow), i guess you measured on the shorter upper side, which should be used for mechanical tension measurement like shown in the manual. regards lutz
  15. Hello Geert, I found this reusable gaskets a year after I fitted papergaskets to my engine. I think, the next time I will use these ones. Your engine looks very good! Lutz
  16. Good work so far. If I have seen right your car is chassisno. 524G. Mine is 522G, just two cars earlier, perhaps produced on the same day! Lutz.
  17. Hello again, here a short update of my last effords on my S2 retauration. After a long time the body is sprayed in its original black color. Last week I put the body back on the restored chassis, which was more easy than I expected. Now I have to do all the interior work and the you can see the ground clearance is much to high in front. Some weight with the additional parts will be added, but I guess something is wrong with the suspension and I have to change the front springs. But I will wait for this untill the car is finished. Regards Lutz
  18. Hello, the springs are the original ones from the car, they were never changed. Both front and rear springs have the upper end flatened to fit on the upper rubber ring between chassis and spring, both lower ends are cut off rectangular to fit in lower (front) arm and shock absorber (rear). Except a slight difference in diameter there is no visual difference between the springs. The wider diameter seems to fit better at the front suspension, but is too hard....? Yes, please send the page of the workshop manual. thanks, Lutz. rear spring detail while dismounting
  19. Hello, I am restoring an 1978 Esprit S2, the chassis is almost completed but I have some misterious trouble with the balance of the chassis. The front springs seem to be to long and to hard. As you can see the chassis is quiet low at the back an very high on the front end. When I stand on the back of the chassis the suspensions works, when I am standing (with 75 KG) on the front traverse nothing happens the suspension does not compress a milimeter. the arms do work easy without springs mounted. On my car the number of coils are front 10 and rear 10. Rear spring has slightly lower diameter than the front spring. Did I have interchanged the front and rear springs, as they look quiet the same. As the springs where sandblasted and powder coated, I can not identify them. Please can you tell me the general diameter, the diameter of the wire, the number of coils and the overall height of the front and rear springs. Perhaps the powdercoater has returned parts from another car, I dont know. Looking forward for any advice, thanks lutz.
  20. Hello, my early Esprit S2 has an upright radiator for the water cooling system. As the radiator is in very bad condition I need to change it and I think to convert to an inclined radiator for better cooling an instalation of larger fans. A friend of mine gave me an used Esprit S4 radiator with a S4 radiator duct, which fits under the S2 body (I tried this allready) but does not fit to the S2 air intake. So my question is: Does someone know if a radiator duct for Esprit S3 & late S2 fits with a S4 radiator? If yes, I would only need to buy a new radiator duct at SJ which is much cheaper than a new radiator. Perhaps someone can send me some pictures of an inclined S2/S3 radiator (installed in car) and measurements of radiator. Thanks, regards Lutz.
  21. Hello John & John, yes, that helps a lot. Thanks. Regards Lutz.
  22. Hello, I just finish the installation of my rebuild engine into the chassis. The engine started after the first attempt, but I stopped it after a few seconds , because the cooling system is not filled. My next job is the connention of all hoses of the cooling system to make a longer run up with the engine. The photos I have taken before dismanteling the engine are very bad quality, so I need some help to see how the cooling circuit looks like and works. In my workshop manual for the Esprit is only showed a graphic for S1 and the the S2 cooling system is different. I have an early S2 with upright radiator and an alloy pipe to water pump inlet with two stub take off pipes. Like used on Series 1 after chassis number 333G and all Series 2. Has anybody have a drawing or graphic how the S2 cooling system looks like, especially what is the connector on the rear end of the engine for? Is it connected to the water cooling system or is it a ventilation of the crankcase? see picture. Looking forward to any advice, so I can proceed with the installation, and the engine runs before christmas. Thanks, Lutz.
  23. Hi Giorgio, hi Paul, I just finnished to build my front and rear suspension back in the chassis of my esprit S2. while doing this I was not 100% sure which are the springs for the front and the rear suspension. On the first look they have only a slightly different diameter. I mounted the larger diameter springs at the front, there they fit perfect in the lower arm. On your picture the diameter of the spring is smaller then the diameter of the springbase on the arm. I am not sure but perhaps you have your front springs at the rear suspension and your rear springs at the front suspension. But perhaps I made it wrong because my chassis seems to be quiet high at the front without body on chassis. I hope someone can help with this problem. ciao Lutz.
  24. Hello everybody, here a small update of the restauration of my Esprit S2 I am working on. This summer I was able to complete the chasis, mounting the engine, gearbox and rear suspension. Some details like carbs, hoses, electrics, oil-cooler etc. need to be finished, but the chassis is rolling again. The body is still at the paintshop and waits for its original black color with gold stripes. I have seen on several S1 and S2 restaurations that the owners added further noise insulation and vibration dampening. I would like to know which are the neccessary areas to be insulated and what is the best material. Thanks Lutz.
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