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  1. Fit 2 fans, with a manual override for the second fan.
  2. Well, my car is on the ramp at the moment so I was able to check out some details. My Getrag is a 262. The number "262.0.510.20" is stamped on the side next the bell housing a bit below the reverse switch. It looks like the smaller of the 2 in your photo. This was a tight fit in my Eclat so I cant imagine that the larger box will fit in yours. I think I used an Eclat Excel bell housing. (An early Excel). I had to move the engine forward about 25mm too, to get the anti vibration weight to fit, even after I cut its corners to fit into the chassis
  3. I have been asked a few times over the past years for details of this particular conversion. Back then, my pictures were hosted on TinyPic and now long gone. But seeing as all my inlet valves are bent, I have had time lately to capture all the details of this conversion so its attached here for posterity. (This time I have a back up so if any one wants a copy via email, just send me your address and I will happily send on a copy) Hope it helps some one. Michael. Lotus Head Lamp Pod MX5 Motor Conversion.docx
  4. I think the only way is to remove back casing and count the teeth on the pinion and crown wheel. There are certainly no markings on my differential.
  5. If its any help, I converted my automatic 524 to a manual Getrag using the original bell housing, a manual 79 Eclat 521 flywheel, pressure plate, clutch plate and release bearing. I had to make a modified pivot bolt for the release arm and that was it. I used the Eclat manual pedal box and standard clutch cable. I did replace the nylon wheel with a stainless steel wheel to prevent cable breakage. It is a heavy clutch but so far, no issues. (touch wood)
  6. And when the timing is checked, you should also check that the carbs are balanced.
  7. Have you a cone type synchrometer and 4 way vacuum manifold with gauges? Change nothing until you can measure results.
  8. To remove the diff crown wheel, you need to manufacture a tool to spread the casing. Its an easy enough task to a machine shop but using it is very risky. Spread the casing a little too much and the casing is rubbish. Something else for the pro and con list when considering a reconditioned diff. Also, viewing your video, I would be surprised if the pinion and crown wheel were in good condition. Drain your oil and examine it for metal. That will be a good indicator as to the condition of your diff. Metal in the oil = but reconditioned diff.
  9. I remember an issue with overheating on my car a long time ago where the pump impeller had moved on its shaft. The gap between the block and impeller is critical, too large a gap reduces flow. The impeller is only pressed onto the shaft.
  10. Hi Andy, Welcome to Lotus ownership. I completed a restoration on my car several years ago so can help with any "how to" that you might have. Michael.
  11. 330bhp. That is a nice upgrade alright.
  12. Also check for excessive endfloat on the diff output shafts.
  13. You may already know this but just in case 😁 The wheel bearings are an SKF unit. As a single bearing the SKF part number is: BA2B 417308. SKF also made a wheel bearing kit, the part number is VKBA 737 and is listed as British Leyland Maxi. In that kit there are 2 seals and a bearing. The bearing number is stamped as 417308. The large seal is stamped S.2320. The small seal is stamped 57.25 and 7.93 These bearings are no longer manufactured and you will only find NOS. I was lucky a few years back and managed to hoover up 4 NOS bearings. I went through an industrial bearing source rather than an automotive bearing source. A quick google suggests that a company called Spare Parts has limited stock.
  14. As all above. Totally necessary. Its not a non return valve. Just a solenoid, energised when ignition is turned on. Single power wire, earth is achieved through contact with chassis. I know this because mine fell off. Its there to stop fuel flow when ignition is turned off,
  15. Rear brakes are a nightmare. Sorry but you need to know. ☹️
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