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  2. HI, can this retrofit to Esprit? and do you ship to Taiwan? cost of shipping? Cheers Alec
  3. Thanks Glyn, lot of info you give here, I will go with the Chargecooler option I think, looking for a 2nd hand SE chargecooler but becuase its so hard to find I think i might as well make one.
  4. thinking of a small intercooler similer to the one used on mr2, using vent from bottom of the car to get air flow. i wouldnt want to cut open the hatch. that set up runs fine in mr2 so i assume it should be fine in lotus?
  5. have anyone tried to fit intercooler in esprits, as it dont need too much cooling for just 300hp mark, small intercoolers are less complicated then watercooled applications but just dont know how effective that is. any opinions?
  6. does anyone have chargecooler for sale?
  7. my issue was when hazard lights on, my plate lights flashes with hazard light (when engine is off), however when engine started, the whole problem goes away, however still sees minor flickering but not so visible. kinda feel like earth problem
  8. My esprit have bad earth and seems like lot of esprit run into the same problem too, I just have a idea of running a dedicated thick Zero guage earth from front to battery to feed all earth connection to it. have anyone done it before? hows the result?
  9. i would have prefer genuine V8 skirt off the esprit, but may have to get v8 skirt from SJ if there is no other choice, just asking if anyone have fitted SJ skirt? good fitment like genuine? or need bit of work ?
  10. Any one have esprit SE or S4 sideskirt for sale? i figured SE might be bit hard to find so just looking for V8 skirt maybe easier to find. i know SJ got V8 for sale just wonder if i can get genuine 2nd hand lotus skirt if possible.
  11. found your thread^^, very very nice project.
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