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  1. Early evening, looking so good coming towards me. #favourite-lotus
  2. Spotted you pulling out and driving up north street past library. Love spotting lotus when I'm out and about.
  3. Spotted Red Elan at roneo corner this morning, nice to see, shame is was in my family wagon
  4. I get back off holiday on the friday evening, so will be attending on the sunday
  5. Lovely red esprit (possible S3) in Elm Park tonight. Nik
  6. Phoned around & found someone who would insure me. Ended up paying £650, best quote I had.
  7. MesTCS. What was your quote if you don't mind me asking?
  8. I will be calling around some more companies in the next few days, thanks for recommending classicline , ill give them a call. Kind regards Nik
  9. Buying my first Lotus Elise this weekend, So on internet to find recommended insurance companies, AIB seem to crop up a few times, so filled in their online information and got a call back on Saturday just to check a few details and they will call back on Monday. So got a call this morning from the guy asking about my driving experience and what cars i've previously owned (last car before my current family car was a jaguar S type R, plenty powerful enough) Then this afternoon another guy from AIB called me and said that they wouldn't insure me as i have no experience of driving small
  10. nosbigkin


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