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  1. Well! ive been running the S3 NA now for 5 months, all is ok (ish), i also ran it to work for 3 months solid, not by choice though. (been tucked up in the garage for the last month, used at weekends) there is some funky sludge in my coolant, its like brown foam??! seems to be using/loosing water. Any ideas? but runs fine, went over to the NEC on sunday for the autosport show, got some attention onthe a42 :-)
  2. thats a shame, i live about half a mile from the track!! came over last year in my blue tvr chimaera, mase a bit of noise, sorry!! :-)
  3. Its probably because people people WANT to THINK the esprit is a delorean..... They do look mighty similar from the rear, from a distance... if you squint... in the dark... the front view couldnt be any more different IMHO. far lower nose,popup lights etc etc, oh and a lotus badge.
  4. Nice to make someone's day :-) was he a Frenchist or an Englander? Poor you - god Calais is a hole!!!
  5. And nobody is building "New-old-stock" Giugiaro (lotus) cars are they :-)
  6. I've been seriously considering buying a Ferrari... I mean I WANT one, but I assume when it goes wrong, it goes wrong in a big expensive way??!! And a 308 is an "entry level" / Affordable Ferrari so gets little respect. Another reason i guess to stick with the lotus is that its pretty much rust-proof.
  7. I would have gone but they are taking the pi$$ with the ticket price + parking. nearly £30!!!!!!!!! If i'd offered to take my dad (frankly i wouldnt have gone without him as he wouldnt speak to me for a week) would have topped £50 + Petrol!!!!!
  8. still getting it.............twice today... I've given in, now i just shout back something like "have you seen one before?" I assume most of the rest of you get this one too: Having to wade past the cloud of people hovering around your car in a car park to get back in it?
  9. Thats correct - however there is over 1l of oil left in the car when you drain it. so there will be 1/6th of a can of that going round your system after the oil change.... which cant be a good thing surely
  10. Thanks Wilf!! As it happens (having had no replies and needing the car for this morning) i figured it out by about 5pm yesturday. Wired such: White/yellow is +12v when starter is turning, supplying +12v directly to the coil. White is +12v with ignition on, so is wired direct to the coil positive. black ground i attached to the coil mount. red turns out to be the rev-counter feed. the dizzy was wired to the positive (white) and the black went directly to the coil - Thanks! And i must say it has made a marked difference, i had a suspicion that the advance weight springs had gone a bit loose over the years, and i think i was right, much better mid-range power and far easier starting/idle :-) Sorted!
  11. Hi chaps - ok so i decided it was time to fit a decent ignition to the old lump. im replacing an aged lumenition optical system. I have bought an accuspark kit which is a hall-effect set-up. The problem is that there are 5 wires coming from the loom, and 2 wires from the distributor. SO! whats supposed to connect to what?? From the loom i have: White - which appears to be ground White with a yellow trace - which appers to go to the starter solenoid, also loops to the ballast resistor. Black - which also appears to be ground (??!) Red - god knows! but used to go to the coil's negative terminal(??!!) The dizzy - a red and a black. HELP!!! ETA: my coil seems to have a resistance of only 0.8 ohms??!!
  12. Thanks for your replies guys! Sorry i didnt answer!! Iive put a 5L of that mobil in and its happy, i'll do the same next weekend then order some decent juice :-) Thanks again - nice to know im not going to kill the car doing something silly!!
  13. Right so ive finally got round to changing the horrible tar that is an excuse for oil im the esprit. The previous owner had this car for 10 years, and basically never used it (its only done 48k) Im going to assume that he never changed the oil ether as its not nice..... SO! when i had the cam covers off last month to paint them and re-seal them, i noted that there was a signifficant amount of oil still in them at rest, ITR of a litre. This got me thinking, when i do do an oil change it'll only be partial as there is also a good deal of oil in the oil cooler. questions: 1: Is there an optimum position for the car to be in to get the most oil out? i assume with the left side jacked right up (i noted that the sump pluis on the right) and with the front higher than the back, i.e on the inclune down to my garage.?? 2: i want to flush the system out a bit without spending a fortune on premium £12/litre oil. I looked at flushing agents but it occurs to me that there will still be a good deal of that left in the engine due to not being able to fully flush it all out, and that CANT be a good thing... So i have bought some "Good but cheap" oil - Mobil Super 1000 - 15w 50. i know its not fully synth but its a heck of a lot better than whats in there. i intend to drain the crap out, put that in, use it for a few miles, like to work and back, then drain and fill with decent stuff (plus aditive) Good plan or not? more importantly, the breif use of mobil super 1000 isnt going to cause immediate implosion of my engine is it? note: I intend to have the engine rebuilt in the next year anyway, as its using a bit of water, no smoke at all though and passes emissions with flying colours.
  14. FIXED! Turns out the one way valve between the induction manifold and the vacuum res was faulty, letting to vacuum through. Luckily i have a spare (but different) one in the garage new from another project. after a bit of fiddling with vacuum lines - HEAT WOO!
  15. thanks chaps - sorted - i gave the relays above the left motor a good tap and they went down, must be a bad contact.
  16. Morning all!! So i get back from tesco last night, wedge the esprit in the garage (which isnt an easy procedure!) turn off my lights and they stay up!! tried the obvious banging of the dash / wings / relays etc but still up. i gave in and went to the pub. (disconnected battery) Better than being stuck down i suppose! any ideas? its an '83 S3, has 2 motors
  17. thats the reason i went for an S3 over an S1/2... the galvanised chassis....
  18. I thought it may... its VERY had to see what's going on under there.... So the flaps inside the heater box are vacuum controlled too? whats the rotating input do then? any chance of whipping up a little diagram of the general system and whats inside the box? pleeeeeeeese?! :-) i wonder if i have a vacuum leak... there is an annoying ticking from the brake master cylinder after the brake is depressed...
  19. Thanks Neil. Ah right, yes that would make sense, however why is there a dimmer knob AND a dimmer switch on the other side??!! damn lotus being cryptic..... Well i had a poke about under the dash last night (my neck is still stiff this morning!) OK - the heater pipes are warm, both of them, which is good. on moving the "Flap control" slider, i can clearly see it acting on the cam connected via a rod to a rotating input to the top-right side of the heater box. seems all to be moving ok. If i push the slider over fast, it gets to "heater" and i can hear a loud clunk from the heater box, presumably a flap hitting home. however no heat.... What is the construction inside the heater box like??? I see there is a vacuum line attached to the slider-cam device - whats this for? note - the flap under the cover in the front bonnet does not move. (although it can be moved by hand.
  20. Simon - yes sort of... but all the bits you see (i.e not the chassis) cant rot.... MARK - seems a bit extreme painting it to avoid one comment!! - Re Knight rider - I was watching an old episode last month while i was in spain (it was in Spanish, not really sure what was going on....), and the episode featured an esprit racing against Kit :-) (the esprit won)
  21. ...points at my esprit and shouts "Its a DeLorean!!" - im going to get out and punch!!! well this Esprit is currently my daily driver (around 30m a day) due to my other car beinf a bit fubar.... Having only had it on the road a month now, im very impressed with the attention it gets, i suppose you never see them, i mean i cant remember the last time i saw any sort of esprit !! kids seem to love it, lots of pointing and dribbling :-D by FAR a better attention grabber than my TVR was! (Despite the lotus being depressingly quiet)
  22. So after thinking about it for a couple of days (on and off.. not constantly!) I decided that it was a plan to go to an interview (for a Web dev job at a a software house) in my Esprit. thinking: This could go one of 2 ways: - "this guy has taste - sweet, lets hire him" or - "what a cock" turned out they're all petrol heads anyway, a car park including 2x AMG Mercs, an aston, and an Elise, plus your generic BMW's and Jag's (only space for 12 cars!) after the interview one of the directors had a poke about my car and (as it was then 5:30pm) most of the rest of the staff!!! Got the call the next afternoon :-D
  23. he did a good job on it, it looked very tidy underneath. i have actually been to look at a few myself and nearly bought one 6 months ago. When you look at the del and a G esprit, its incredible how similar they are, inside and out!
  24. ive just tried to get heat out of mine!!! - Nothing. now i suspect its something else in my case - when i try to push the heater slider thing to the left (towards heater/vent/off position) it will go no further than Heater, if i push, it just slides back! i suspect a stuck valve or something but i have no idea how the system works...
  25. There is only a slight hesitation on fast take-off now. cap, coil, plugs, leads, rotor all new, checked advance weights all moving ok. 99.9% sure there is no induction leakage, as im sure you know, on an NA, there is nearly no induction system anyway! the fact that its now nearly-spot-on would still suggest an amount of fuelling tweekage to do. getting there!
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