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  1. I quite preffer the look of the slatted boot as opposed to the glass one.... anyone got one for sale? or swap? peter (1983 Esprit S3 NA)
  2. This is the one: im not sure about the bumpers.. black or silver??
  3. hi all - thanks for the welcome and the info. Yes i was thinking about the belt, was wondering if its even possible with the engine in the car?? given that i have quite a few jobs to do, might it be easier to lift the engine out? i have an engine crane. nipped over to donington yesturday in my TVR, got some funny looks in the car park! (it is a bit loud!)
  4. should be a fairly easy fix for anyone who's handy with a TIG welder. possibly even in-situ, depending on position. How'd you get on?
  5. it MIGHT be on purpose, but i doubt it - in TVR's we often fit some sort of anti-re-verb cone in the place of the pre-cat, something to do with reflecting a pulse, or not. mind you, on that 4-into-1, its not a cone, its a 4" pipe! must ask - where did you get your system from?
  6. Hi all! Well I've fancied one for a while, and as I seem to have spent the last year buying British classics, I thought it was time to get a lotus! Should be arriving next weekend, got myself a 1983 esprit S3 NA, in silver. its a runner but not MOT'ed and just out of short-term storage. first things are: - new tyres - full service including all juices. - carb rebuild - new exhaust. then MOT. Im looking for some tyre recommendations, just general road use. I know its hard to get a matching set for the recommended size (235/60/15), so i was looking at a full set of Falken ZIEX ZE-912: 225/60/15 rear, 195/60/15 front. also - where's good to get splugs, filters etc? what oils are good for the gearbox/engine? Thanks!
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