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  1. Yes well spotted that was me and Steve ,we went on to a photo shoot at the old pits at Reims , and yesterday photos at Milleau bridge .
  2. Hi Martyn , I wonder if you could add my name to the Duxford show list , I have a GT3 and an Excel , it looks like you have plenty of Esprit but not many Excels so I will bring the Excel . thanks Dave
  3. Hi Martyn, if you still have space I would like to attend with my Esprit GT3
  4. Hi Martyn, it seems there is a shortage of Excels so I would like to add mine to list if that's possible
  5. Well spotted J.S. yes it was my GT3 and as far as I am aware the only Esprit there
  6. Can you please add grandad trumpo to the list. Thanks, Dave.
  7. Good to see a number of lotus enthusiasts turn out on a wet and windy night with their pride and joys. would like to meet you all again but in the daylight if possible for a bit of tyre kicking and general ohhing and ahhing!!
  8. Hi to all who replied to my initial topic. I can now say a bit belatedly that I had a wonderful time, no probs with the ferry, the crew made sure that the front spoiler was clear both getting on and off the ramps.By the way Hedgerly I beleive that you parked your Esprit in the same road at Port Erin, and almost in the same spot as I did; as it was spotted by my brother. I am glad you enjoyed the lappery of the T.T. circuit as I did especially Rhencullen, Quarry Bends and out of Ramsey Hairpin and over the mountain. I have pictures of my visit which I will endeavour to post when I discover how.
  9. Many thanks to all who replied to my request and car is now booked on the Ben My Chree 21st September for an 8 day exploration of the island. Maybe I can meet up with some fellow Esprit owners while I am there. Looking forward to it !!!!
  10. I am the proud owner of an Esprit GT3 and I am wanting to take it via the ferry to the Island in September and I was wondering if there are any problems regarding ramps and ground clearance getting on and off the ferry. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks in advance Dave
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