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  1. Hi Guys, the charge cooler has changed slightly from the link you have there , its now more compact It is about 3 time the volume of the original and maintains the same flow layout, so fitting is quite easy. The water hose connections come at the standard size which i think is around 16mm. However Alunox can supply with larger ones as shown here at 19mm . I can only speak from my own experience , it did hold up well with new BorgWarner 6258-G turbo on the dyno running higher flow and boost. I don't have a photo of the original unit as yet but I will try and get one. The
  2. Hi Guys, I've been in touch with Ben about another group buy for the Esprit 321 Stainless Steel Manifold if anyone would be interested. The prices Ben posted earlier in this thread are still current. These are the details of a group buy if we get the interest 30 units in total - mixed G Car and Stevens Fitting kit - All gaskets and Stainless nuts included G Car GB price including TurboSmart external wastegate £1650 normal list price £1950 Stevens car manifold - £1150 normal list price £1350 Rear system G Car 2.5” - £650 normal list price £850 Rear
  3. Thanks guys for your great feedback, your comments are much appreciated. The transition is unmodified but the clutch is uprated, Dave helped me out with the specification of this putting together some of his old parts. The pressure plate and friction plate are AP capable of holding 330 lb/ft. I may be pushing my look if I go much further with the transmission. Mark K
  4. Hi Robin, Yes that is a twin scroll manifold and if you have the normal Alunox manifold it is also a twin scroll as Barry has stated. My particular manifold design has been adapted in the final section (Collector) for the T4 turbo instead of the standard T3. This is the size of the T3 Flange vs the T4 Flange Sorry its not the best picture, the Collector design has been enlarged to match the bigger port sizes of the T4 flange. Hope this helps, Mark
  5. Hi Thomas, Yes it is an expensive dyno that can hold static loads and so tune each speed site or cell in turn. During part of the video you could hear him holding constant RPMs while he dialled in the speed sites. I think this formed part of the base mapping Later on the power runs he tunes the Boost control. I'm not running a Knock sensor so its pretty much tuned under load avoiding detonation (knock), so it may not be as close minimum you are looking for. I forgot to mention I am running a wide band lambda sensor and EGT sensor (PLX) Just out of interest what ECU are yo
  6. Alunox Manifold with EFR 6258-G Twin scroll Turbo upgrade for the 4-cylinder Lotus Esprit After some research into different turbo upgrades available on the market, I decided to go with the BorgWarner EFR 6258-G Twin Scroll unit supplied by Van Der Lee Turbo systems (Jaap), to replace the Esprit’s single scroll turbo charger. One of the biggest limitations of most factory single-scroll turbo system is the restrictive nature of its log or compact unequal-length exhaust manifold. The design characteristics of both Manifold and Turbo were honed with collaboration between both Van Der Lee Tur
  7. Hi Guys , I can ask the question ,all can say is the bigger the numbers the more we can bring down the price. Mark K
  8. I have now fitted the plenum expansion plate, the install is easy as there is good access.I’ve ran the car hard at Castle Combe at the weekend and noticed it feels like it has more torque at high RPM and delivers it is smoother, which would be due to the better flow distribution across all four cylinders The spacer is made from aluminium and has been machined to follow the contours of the plenum. The bolt holes have small counter sinks for easy location when fitting. The top section is angled to allow better flow into the plenum. The kit includes stainless steel hex head bolts and
  9. Just an update, I will firm up prices and contact info soon. The first is here which I will fit this week The kit includes two gaskets and stainless steel extended bolts The top section is angled to improve flow into the plenum. Mark
  10. Hi Andy, I asked the same question when I upgraded the charge cooler to approximately 3 times the volume. I was told its so small you dont notice it , and after driving with the bigger Charge Cooler I didn't notice any increase in lag. This is only 25mm deep , I've seen on other forums bigger spacers. I hope to have an updater from PNM this week. Mark
  11. Hi Chillidoggy , I have a dyno result before and I plan to Dyno again after I fit it. It may be difficult to interpret the results due to my other modifications. I believe it increases VE at higher RPMs. My tuner at Emerald is very good at explaining the Dyno results I will ask him. Dave Changes will have the a lot of dyno info on this. Mark K
  12. Hi guys, I’m in the process of ordering a 25mm plenum expansion spacer from PNM engineering, Pete is having these made. It will come as a kit including gaskets and extended bolts. I can’t give an exact price at the moment, but it will be around the £150 + gaskets and bolts, possibly less if we have the numbers. If anybody would be interested in this modification could you add your name to the List. 1) Mark K
  13. Hi Pan, I believe you have managed to speak with Leon about alignment, I've sent sent some info as well. Mark
  14. Hi Pan, I take it the V band flange is for the connection of the rear system to the turbo, Leon can help you with that , you will have to send him the dimensions. The difference in the pipe layout is only changed for production , they are still collect in the same order , just 2 overlaps 3 or 3 overlaps 2. Hi Franco, for our needs I think the internal wastegate is fine. I know the external units can have better flow ,but they are very expensive and are really used on professional race cars. I know the S3 Esprits use one ,Alunox developed that set-up so it was a dir
  15. Hi looks like we have similar ideas, a T4 turbo flange is available from Alunox and comes with the larger collector I will post the final dyno results when I finish. I'm running the BorgWarner EFR6258-G Twin Scroll Turbo supplied by Van Der Lee Turbo Systems.
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