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  1. Hi Guys , I can ask the question ,all can say is the bigger the numbers the more we can bring down the price. Mark K
  2. I have now fitted the plenum expansion plate, the install is easy as there is good access.I’ve ran the car hard at Castle Combe at the weekend and noticed it feels like it has more torque at high RPM and delivers it is smoother, which would be due to the better flow distribution across all four cylinders The spacer is made from aluminium and has been machined to follow the contours of the plenum. The bolt holes have small counter sinks for easy location when fitting. The top section is angled to allow better flow into the plenum. The kit includes stainless steel hex head bolts and washers along with a pair of gaskets. The exiting support bar which bolts onto the engine mount can be retained, I offset it at the mount by using an addition nut. Overall it was an easy mod with a 13mm spanner. The Plenum is now available to Pre-Order here on PNM's website: It's available as a kit or just the plate, priced at £169.95 + VAT for the plate and an additional £29.95 for the gaskets and bolts (kit) plus delivery. PNM have agreed to give a 15% discount to this group buy which will apply to the plate and kit, I will PM the discount code to the you guys on the list which is valid until the 10th June. The discount is open to another 5 if anyone else is interested. Delivery charges are calculated on the website including shipping overseas. Mark K
  3. Just an update, I will firm up prices and contact info soon. The first is here which I will fit this week The kit includes two gaskets and stainless steel extended bolts The top section is angled to improve flow into the plenum. Mark
  4. Hi Andy, I asked the same question when I upgraded the charge cooler to approximately 3 times the volume. I was told its so small you dont notice it , and after driving with the bigger Charge Cooler I didn't notice any increase in lag. This is only 25mm deep , I've seen on other forums bigger spacers. I hope to have an updater from PNM this week. Mark
  5. Hi Chillidoggy , I have a dyno result before and I plan to Dyno again after I fit it. It may be difficult to interpret the results due to my other modifications. I believe it increases VE at higher RPMs. My tuner at Emerald is very good at explaining the Dyno results I will ask him. Dave Changes will have the a lot of dyno info on this. Mark K
  6. Hi guys, I’m in the process of ordering a 25mm plenum expansion spacer from PNM engineering, Pete is having these made. It will come as a kit including gaskets and extended bolts. I can’t give an exact price at the moment, but it will be around the £150 + gaskets and bolts, possibly less if we have the numbers. If anybody would be interested in this modification could you add your name to the List. 1) Mark K
  7. Hi Pan, I believe you have managed to speak with Leon about alignment, I've sent sent some info as well. Mark
  8. Hi Pan, I take it the V band flange is for the connection of the rear system to the turbo, Leon can help you with that , you will have to send him the dimensions. The difference in the pipe layout is only changed for production , they are still collect in the same order , just 2 overlaps 3 or 3 overlaps 2. Hi Franco, for our needs I think the internal wastegate is fine. I know the external units can have better flow ,but they are very expensive and are really used on professional race cars. I know the S3 Esprits use one ,Alunox developed that set-up so it was a direct replacement. After dynoing my car I found I needed the Stiffer spring in the wastegate, as the flow characteristics of the Alunox manifold blew the wastegate open. The medium spring couldn't hold it. If you were going for very high power say around 500BHP then maybe go for the external. Mark
  9. Hi looks like we have similar ideas, a T4 turbo flange is available from Alunox and comes with the larger collector I will post the final dyno results when I finish. I'm running the BorgWarner EFR6258-G Twin Scroll Turbo supplied by Van Der Lee Turbo Systems.
  10. Hi Matt, Martyn's email is [email protected] , copy Leon as well [email protected] . I will speak to them later and tell them you have been trying to get hold of them. Mark K
  11. Hi Matt, I've just spoken with Martyn at Alunox , the remaining two manifolds went last week. You could give them a call on 01978 - 851100 and see whats available. This Group Buy has now finished, I will keep you up to date with any future group buys. Mark K
  12. Hi Guys , yes the Group buy is still active however there are only 2 manifolds remaining as some have been sold on internal jobs in the workshop. Once these 2 have been sold I will close it Mark
  13. Stevens Esprit 321 Stainless Steel Manifold Group Buy This is Group buy No 5, the 321 Stainless Steel manifold upgrade for the Peter Stevens 4 cylinder Esprit. This is a GB for 10 units which are currently made and in stock so there will be a quick turnaround once 10 people have signed up. For those of you who haven’t seen this upgrade before, a recap on the history of the company and the product: It was developed by Alunox who are a well-established engineering company that supply the motorsport industry with tailor made high end exhaust systems, made of exotic materials such as Inconel, titanium and 321 Stainless Steel etc. They also supply BAC cars with a full light weight for their current production car the Mono. Alunox took on the job of redesigning the original cast manifold for the Esprit due to its failure rate. But also were able to offer uprated performance using their expertise in this area. The manifold is constructed from 321 Stainless Steel, precision TIG welded in dedicated jigs giving a fracture proof construction. The flanges are CNC machined out of Stainless Steel to give an accurate fit, the collector uses burns double slip joints to allow movement during the heat cycle whilst being protected against shock loading by the pivoting brace mounted directly above the turbo. The downpipes are all equal length mandrel bent tubes to maximise flow arranged to fit within the space available. Even at normal driving speeds the exhaust gas temperatures are typically 750 to 850 °C and greater during track use. The manifold has been proven to withstand all the temperatures and conditions produced by the Esprit. The manifold is also lighter than the original cast unit weighing only 6 Kg. All these attributes produce a durable high quality product with gains in both power and torque and lag reduction. It has been dyno tested as seen in the video below on a highly modified Esprit running at 424 BHP and 409 lb ft torque. Further gains have been made since the video was made taking the Power to 461 BHP and Torque 450 lb ft. Further in-depth technical info on this can be found on Dave Changes thread The manifold is has also been tested with modern twin scroll turbos yielding some great results which I will post soon. It has been ran on the track and driven hard without fail. Look for feedback on the forum about performance gains. The kit also includes all gaskets, stainless steel nuts and brace. The turbo flange can be changed to accommodate different turbos, as can the collector be made to order. These adjustments are at extra cost and can be discussed with Leon at Alunox. The manifold comes with 1 year warranty, this does not cover fitting and shipping. The normal one off price is £1350 + VAT. The group buy price is £1150 + VAT + Shipping & Packaging, for a 10 off. If you want to take advantage of this offer sign up below and I’ll add you to the list. Thanks, Mark
  14. Hi Guys, Just to let you know Alunox have one complete 321 Stainless Steal system in stock at the moment for the Giugiaro Esprit if any body is interested This will cure all your problems that you have with the cast unit, it won't crack or warp. The kit comes complete with the Turbosmart wastegate ,gaskets , brace and nuts .Ring Anita for details on 01978 8551100.or email [email protected] Mark
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