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  1. Hi , I've now had it braced as mentioned before . The manifold has to be allowed to move due to expansion . This style of bracing allows the manifold to expand horizontally whilst supporting vertically. The standard Lotus bracing was based on linking the exhaust flange on the 4th port to the turbo flange. On this style of manifold that could cause a problem due to the rate of expansion in the down pipes section being greater than that of a top brace occurring during the heating and cooling cycle. The elbow or down pipe section feeding the turbo flange is where the greatest concentration of heat occurs. If you interested in this and want to know more you can contact Leon at Alunox Exhausts on 01978 – 851100. Also he has just finished a set of manifolds for a Lotus 72
  2. I have done over 2000 miles on the manifold and the LOT track day at Donington on the 12th Aug (Evening). It hasn't moved at all as I have checked it. It is made of the 321 grade of stainless. The company who have made it ,are going to fit a brace just for piece of mind. Apparently they make manifolds for Nobel and the bracing technique used there will be adapted for the Esprit. I will post it when done. Mark.
  3. Hi ,if your still looking for a stainless Steel manifold for the stevens esprit turbo , I've just fitted one just developed by Alunox Exhausts as shown on the LotusEspritWorld website. Its made a big difference in performance and sounds better. It seems to bring together all the other mods I've made. Mark
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