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  1. Hi Jon, The manifold comes with a wastegate link pipe to fit to your existing silencer , I'm hoping to get some photos of the manifold fitted with existing silencer on Monday which will illustrate better Which part are you looking for to be 3" is it the link pipe itself . Mark
  2. Hi Guys , Can you state your forum nick name as well as your full name when replying , for those of you who have already replied can you send another email stating your forum name. Jon , its an additional £200 to take the G car rear section to 3" , the silencer will be increased to maintain noise levels for that diameter. Thanks, Mark
  3. Jon I haven't forgot I am chasing up along with the waste gate pressure settings . Mark
  4. Hi Guys, A few things to cover now we have reached 30. Can everyone email Anita at Alunox on [email protected] stating your full name and address so she can work out the total cost including carriage. Anita will then arrange how to proceed with the payment. Alunox can manufacture the collector without the external wastegate port instead of blanking it off for those of you who don’t require this option, however there may be a delay in producing as to the design change. For those who do want to take this option for future use of an external wastegate and have a blanked flange with clamp, there is an additional charge of £60. Can you state when replying to Anita. So when replying can you state: • Full Name and Address • Manifold / System – i.e. Stevens or G Car/ Full system etc. • Stevens guys – wastegate Port option – none or External flange with blanking plate and clamp I will chase for delivery times, and production status for the first 30 I’ve spoken with Leon at Alunox and they are happy to continue this Group Buy for 40 or more, just copy the last list and add your name, manifold /system type and location. At the moment there is no cut off date. Thanks, Mark
  5. Hi Zig, I will have to talk with Leon at Alunox about supplying a blanking plate and V -Band clamp, there may be a small increase in cost to cover the components. You could then have yours with this option and anyone else. The standard ones will be blanked at source without flange. Which would simplify production like you said. Mark
  6. Hi Guys , think we missed one back there. 1) @rocket63 - Stevens S4 1995 Manifold - UK 2) @jcslocum (1984 G-Car just manifold) 3) @pmlee (Stevens SE, just manifold) - UK 4) @x180r19 (Stevens SE, just manifold) - CO, USA 5) @lewtus (Stevens SE, just manifold) style. (4 & 5) can ship together to CO, USA) 6) @Htown (Stevens SE, manifold only) Combine shipping with #4 & #5? - CO, USA 7) @greentengu G-car, just the manifold kit - PA, USA 8) @Bloodnok 1986 Turbo HCI Giugiaro - Manifold only. - UT, USA 9) @chris Stevens 1988 carb turbo - UK 10) @gfallon 1983 g-car manifold kit - MI, USA 11) @NR2k- 1984 G car full system, no cat, assume standard turbo flange for now but I would like to confirm this later. - UK 12) @andmac - Stevens Manifold - UK 13) @Saturn Silver - Stevens GT3 manifold - Sweden 14) @Teava12 - Stevens manifold - French Polynesia 14) @stephenwhyte - G-car manifold - UK 15) @NigelM- G-car manifold + exhaust - UK 16) @CarSalesman - Stevens manifold - PA, USA 17) @DrieStone - G-car manifold + catless exhaust- CT, USA 18) @Mrbmist - Stevens manifold - MD, USA 19) @faykfox - Stevens manifold - NV, USA. 20) @dawn - Stevens manifold - Istanbul 21) @ATSAaron - Stevens manifold -TX, USA 22) @DaveS4s - Stevens manifold - GA, USA 23) Mattzx - G car full system (no cat) - '84 Giugiaro Turbo - UK - Full System Based on 10 GB 24) keith95S4 G car full system (no cat) 25) Stormy69 - Stevens 26) Zig - Stevens I will try and answer the questions and the ones I can't I will contact Leon at Alunox. A lot of people are asking for the rear system for the Stevens Car, I have a 1990 SE and are currently running the full Alunox system in 3" and twin outlets. There are few options here such 2.5" or 3" single or twin exit. It is a different rear system to the G Car. Also there is an option for an additional silencer on v bands, mine runs at about 98 db with out it.(4500 rpm noise test at castle combe) If you go for twin exit you will need to modify the rear valance , I will try and post some pictures soon. I will approach Leon to put a price together for each for this GB. Some of you have spotted to port on the collector, if you do want to go external on the Stevens you will need to specify it when we place the order . It will be blanked off by default it was only for display in the picture. I think there may be a small cost in going for the external flange, I will confirm. If your going that route you may want the wastegate as well , again I will approach Leon for a price. StevenD57 - I think your car can use either , but if you go for the Stevens manifold you will need to buy the Stevens rear system as well as the turbo position will then be different. Tom - Alunox can make it but that is very specialized , Alunox are aware of your request. Mark
  7. . Hi Zig, I appreciate your concern, and to give you piece of mind the manifold is fully purge welded and also uses Laser TIG in certain operations during its construction. Going back to the collectors, this design may be new to the Esprit but Alunox have machined hundreds of these, almost all of them from 304 stainless. The 304 collector design is not unique to these systems and is for example is used in rally cross racing in the European championship series, and it is raced with very high boost and anti-lag/launch-control which stresses the collector far more than any street car ever will, and so far it is holding up without problems. I am also assured that Alunox’s collectors are used in time-attack cars etc without any problems. These collectors are really in no way comparable to a welded collector that has stress build-ups from the welding and small radiuses that cause stress build ups etc. There has been a lot of R&D in this component and it is performing in other manifold designs in high end motorsport without fail. This is also how Alunox are able to further guarantee the product. Mark
  8. Hi Tom, Alunox could manufacture this in Inconel and retain the internal wastegate option,but I haven't got an exact price but it would be over £5000, F1 cars use Inconel and professional race teams.Its used where weight is an issue being up to 40% lighter than stainless steel as the tube wall thickness can be reduced to 1 mm. Dare I as ask why you need it as the 321 grade stainless can handle the exhaust gas temperatures produced by even highly modified Esprit's such as 'Dave Changes' car which is running at 460 bhp. The 321 grade stainless steel tube is a good choice for turbo engines due to it fracture resistance and temperature rating. The flanges and collector are 304 grade due to the wall thickness being any where from 5 to 12 mm thick and so have good heat transfer. They are machined out of a solid piece. Alunox use the 321 grade tube in many of their products and have the tooling / expertise to work with it, unlike many of their competitors. Mark
  9. Hi Kenny , Yes that is the Group Buy price and yes it is £1900 + VAT . However I've spoken with Alunox and to try and promote the full system more as part of this Group Buy, Alunox are willing to drop the price off the G Car full System to £1700 + VAT (without CAT) for a minimum order of 10 .Now you can sign up on the provision we hit 10 stating - Full System based on 10 GB. The existing people who have already signed up with also benefit from this , I think we are already up to 4. Anybody who is already down for a G Car manifold can upgrade to this as well. Mark
  10. Just updating the last 2 1) @rocket63 - Stevens S4 1995 Manifold (UK) 2) @jcslocum (1984 G-Car without cat, just pipe full system to include muffler ) 3) @pmlee (Stevens SE, just manifold) 4) I'm adding @x180r19 to the list (Stevens SE, just manifold), since he is busy traveling right now 5) I'm adding @lewtus for a (Stevens SE, just manifold) style. (4 & 5) can ship together to Colorado in the USA) 6) @Htown (Stevens SE, manifold only) Combine shipping with #4 & #5? 7) @greentengu G-car, just the manifold kit 8) @Bloodnok 1986 Turbo HCI Giugiaro - Manifold only. Shipping to Salt Lake City, Utah, USA 9) @chris Stevens 1988 carb turbo (uk) 10) @gfallon 1983 g-car manifold kit 11) @NR2k - 1984 G car full system, no cat, assume standard turbo flange for now but I would like to confirm this later. 12) @andmac - Stevens Manifold 13) @Staturn-Silver - Stevens GT3 manifold - Shipped to Sweden 14) @Teava12 - Stevens manifold 14) @stephenwhyte - G-car manifold 15) @NigelM - G-car manifold + exhaust 16) @CarSalesman - Stevens manifold - Shipped to USA 17) @DrieStone - G-car manifold + exhaust (no cat) - Shipped to CT, USA 18) @Mrbmist - Stevens manifold - Shipped to Maryland, USA 19) Faykfox - Stevens manifold - shipping to Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. 20) Dawn - Stevens manifold - Ship to Istanbul
  11. Hi Stephan , The current thread for the Group Buy is under Site Sponsors and FFM Discounts up to 12 people so far Mark
  12. Correct me if i'm wrong 1) @rocket63 - Stevens S4 1995 Manifold (UK) 2) @jcslocum (1984 G-Car without cat, just pipe full system to include muffler ) 3) @pmlee (Stevens SE, just manifold) 4) I'm adding @x180r19 to the list (Stevens SE, just manifold), since he is busy traveling right now 5) I'm adding @lewtus for a (Stevens SE, just manifold) style. (4 & 5) can ship together to Colorado in the USA) 6) @Htown (Stevens SE, manifold only) Combine shipping with #4 & #5? ab abcabc 7) @greentengu G-car, just the manifold kit 8) @Bloodnok 1986 Turbo HCI Giugiaro - Manifold only. Shipping to Salt Lake City, Utah, USA 9) @chris Stevens 1988 carb turbo (uk) 10) @gfallon 1983 g-car manifold kit 11) NR2k - 1984 G car full system, no cat, assume standard turbo flange for now but I would like to confirm this later. 12) andmac - Stevens Manifold
  13. Hi Nige, Production has started , as soon as we can hit 30, they will go out. I will get updates on production and update thread. The GB is under the Site Sponsors and FFM Discounts section . Mark
  14. Hi Hopo, Alunox are starting production now , so when we reach the target of 30 or more for the group buy, they will be ready to go out. We have a good start but we need some more interest to make this fly. Like you say this is pretty bloody good and I don't know if I'll be able to repeat it for future Group buys. Mark
  15. Hi Andy, There is a different bypass pipe not shown in the pictures which will allow you to connect to your original rear silencer and is included with the manifold kit. I will post when I get the photos. It will go between the wastegate and your original rear silencer. Mark
  16. OK Guys Group buy up and running on Site Sponsors and FFM Discounts. If your interested put your names down under the new thread and I will keep update on the numbers. Mark
  17. OK Guys Group buy up and running on Site Sponsors and FFM Discounts. Scott I've passed on your comments and it will be addressed. If your interested put your names down under the new thread and I will keep an update on the numbers. Mark
  18. Giugiaro & Stevens Esprit Turbo 321 Stainless Steel Manifold Group Buy This is a combined group buy for both the Giugiaro and Peter Stevens Esprit. Due to advances in CNC technology Alunox are now able to provide manifolds for both cars and offer them in one combined group buy as they share component parts. This will be Group buy No 4, the 321 Stainless Steel manifold upgrade for the 4 cylinder Esprit from Alunox. For those of you who haven’t seen this upgrade before, a recap on the history of the company and the product: Alunox are an established engineering company that supply the motorsports industry with tailor made high end exhaust systems, made of exotic materials such as Inconel, titanium and 321 Stainless Steel etc. They also supply BAC cars with a full light weight for their current production car the Mono. Alunox took on the job of redesigning the original cast manifold for the Esprit due to its high failure rate and short life cycle. They are direct replacements for the existing cast items. The manifolds are made from 321 Stainless Steel, precision TIG welded in dedicated jigs giving a fracture proof construction. The flanges are now CNC machined cut out of Stainless Steel to give an accurate fit, the collector uses burns double slip joints to allow movement during the heat cycle whilst being protected against shock loading by the pivoting brace mounted at the back of the cylinder head. Giugiaro Full System The wastegate is a Turbosmart compgate 40 mounted on V-Bands which is included in the manifold kit. Stevens manifold For both systems the downpipes are all equal length mandrel bent tubes which increase the pulse tuning effect greatly over the non equal length log style cast configuration of the original unit. In addition to this flow is also maximized due to the smooth internal surfaces unlike the rough flaking internal bores of the original. The collector is now a CNC machined single piece for maximum durability and strength. It also offers an option for the Stevens Cars to run an external wastegate. The tubular design has been arranged to fit within the space available giving good clearance for easy fitting. The manifold has been proven to withstand all the temperatures and conditions produced by the Esprit due to the 321 Stainless steel properties. Even at normal driving speeds the exhaust gas temperatures are typically 750 to 850 °C and greater during track use. The manifold is lighter than the original cast unit weighing only 6 Kg. All these attributes produce a durable high quality product with proven gains in both power, torque and turbo lag reduction. The Stevens manifold has been dyno tested as seen in the video below on a highly modified Esprit running at 424 BHP and 409 lb ft torque. Further gains have been made since the video was made. Further in-depth technical info on this can be found on Dave Changes thread It has also been track tested and driven hard without fail. Look for feedback on the forum about performance gains. The manifold kits also includes all gaskets, stainless steel k nuts and brace. The turbo flange can be changed to accommodate different turbos, as can the collector be made to order. These adjustments are at extra cost and can be discussed with Leon at Alunox. The prices are different for each manifold kit due to the extra work / component parts of the G car set-up. Every manifold comes with one year’s warranty. Both kits now uses the proven stainless steel K nut design for the manifold head studs. This is an improvement over the Lotus locking tab washers and is now included in the kit as standard. The brace now mounted from the rear of the cam carriers with the heat shield and uses a fully adjustable turnbuckle for easy fitting. This group buy is based on 30 or more units this time, a minimum of 10 need to be of the G car type. This is due to the wastegate being bought in by Alunox to achieve these lower prices. The prices do not cover fitting and shipping, I will quote separately. Steven’s Car The normal one off price is £1150 + VAT. The group buy price £900 + VAT + Shipping, The kit includes 1 manifold 4 Head flange gaskets 1 Turbo flange gasket 1 Brace with rear mounting bracket plate 12 m8 k nuts 4 Turbo flange nuts Giugiaro Car The normal one off price is £1500 + VAT. The group buy price £1250 + VAT + Shipping The kit includes 1 Manifold 1 External Wastegate – Turbo Smart Compgate 40 1 Return pipe (Manifold to rear system) 4 Head flange gaskets 1 Turbo flange gasket 1 Brace with rear mounting bracket plate 12 m8 k nuts 4 Turbo flange nuts Alunox also produce the rest of the exhaust to complete the system for both cars in 2.5” or 3” If you are interested in the Full System (2.5") as an option for the G car, this will be £1900 without the high flow race CAT and £2000 with it. I believe the CAT is mainly for the US market , it will come with the v-band mounted bypass pipe as well. If you want to take advantage of this offer sign up below and I’ll add you to the list. Thanks, Mark K
  19. Sorry for the delay, yes it’s the effectively the MK III, which will fit the SE. This has more clearance than the MKII as it is a tighter design and shares components with the new G car manifold, I'm running the MK II and managed to fit it myself with no problems, the clearance is fine. The brace has been moved to the top with a new bracket to help reduce exposure to the elements. As for performance it will be very similar to the MKII with some small enhancements in the CNC collector design being a single piece as with the flanges. The CNC components make it more cost effective to manufacture when producing in higher numbers. They are also more durable. Sorry for the delay with the pitch, I will have all the info soon. Thanks, Mark
  20. Hi Guys, I'm just letting you know there will be another chance to buy the Alunox Manifold for the Esprit Turbo which I will pitch soon in the sponsors section. This time it will be a combined group buy with another manifold for the G cars which has just been released . They share common components and there has been a development in CNC machining so we can go for greater numbers and help bring the price down. I will post full details and prices soon. Mark
  21. Hi Guys, I've got some shots of the new system for the G car which is now available from Alunox. This is the full system including manifold, external wastegate and rear silencer. The manifold will be available on its own with a different wastegate connector pipe. The entire system is made of stainless steel the manifold of grade 321 to withstand the high temperatures. In order to fit in the space available and maintain equal lengths on the down pipes there has been more bends and sections than first thought. All sections are detachable on V - band clamps. The rear system contains a new mounting bracket for the gear box, all in stainless steel. Shown here with the CAT for the American market again mounted on V Bands. After finalizing the design the price may be a bit higher than the original ball park figure I posted earlier. I will pitch soon with the final prices and full details in the 'Site Sponsors and FFM' section of the forum Mark
  22. Hi Guys, Just an update, the design is well on the way for both the manifold and rest of the system .Just to clarify, the manifold won't increase the noise levels that is really governed by your rear silencer system. The manifold will fit with the existing silencer system and also with the new system Alunox will be offering. This system will provide better flow while keeping noise levels down. Now due to the V band clamp setup on my SE which has the full Alunox set up, it is possible to interchange an extra silencer, and to give you some idea it runs at 96 dB (@ 4500 rpm 1m away) without the extra silencer and factory noise levels with it. It can be interchanged using a 13mm spanner in about 10 minutes. It has been tested both at castle combe and the workshop. looking at the size of the new silencer for the G car I think it will be the same as the factory noise levels. If anyone will be interested in the rear system as well maybe I can get Alunox to spec it with an interchangeable silencer option to accommodate everyone’s needs. Hi Scott, again using the V Band technology a high flow CAT option has already been incorporated into the design, I fed back your comments back to open this up to the US market. Going back to price, the Alunox solution replaces both sections of the original cast manifold which I believe are about £580 each putting it at £1160 plus a new waste gate unit. I will hopefully have some pictures and final pricing next week. I think a couple of options may come out of the rear system , for the CAT . I will confirm soon Mark
  23. Hi , Just an update , Alunox now have a car in the shop and work has begun on the new system, all the flanges are in and 321 tube to start bending for the new design. I will get another update this week . Mark
  24. Hi Guys, Alunox are getting a car in the workshop next week , so I will be able to get some shots of the new manifold when it is complete. They are also going to develop the rest of the system while they have the car. Scott , yes I will start a new thread here and another under the main sponsorship area when I have the photos and if you can post anywhere else I can mail them to you. Just to give you some idea the type cars Alunox supply full systems for Lotus - think type 29 Jag E- type GT40 - Races at Goodwood and Le Mans - worth over 2 million Mark
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