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  1. Hi Greg, I've been working on Leon at Alunox, he's managed to negotiate a better deal with the core supplier. Alunox are also producing other rads for another car club and can put the orders together, I believe this is a bit of a one off. So the price for a GB of 5 is now £1500 without fans, Mark
  2. Hi Guys, Alunox have confirmed for a reduced Group Buy of 10 up to 20 the cost will be £1700 without fans. Keep up the good work, hopefully there will be some more interest Mark
  3. Hi Jacques, here's a shot of the rads, highlighting in red where I had to cut the ducting to allow for the bigger oil coolers. I used Spal fans on the oil coolers I did use a cheeper brand on the main rad they were only about £20 each , I can find the model if you want. They were a the push pull type, they have performed well under the conditions for the last 2 years. I will ask Leon about shipping. Mark
  4. Hi Teava, 1) Greg D 2) Bingoking 3) Ian Lord 4) Teava Magyari Haven't got a price yet for smaller numbers, I'll try him again. Mark
  5. Hi Ian, This one fits under my cover without having to modify it, but my car is a 1990 SE. Not sure if the later cover is different. There is an increase in performance but by how much I couldn’t say exactly but you can feel the difference. I’m hoping to get some figures out of my car as I’m changing the ECU at the moment. Once I’m back up and running I will post some data. It works well with Alunox manifold but it would enhance a car with the standard set-up as well. Trying to isolate the increase due to the charge cooler alone would be difficult, the principle that lowering the temperature of our charge makes it denser and therefore gives us a bigger bang in the combustion chamber is pretty well established. May be some feedback off some of the ones out there might help. Mark K
  6. Hi Kenny, Let's just recap on the existing offer.... we said The price is now £550 + VAT for a GB of 10 or more. After speaking again with Alunox if we can reach 20 then the price will come down to £450 + VAT. At the moment we stand as follows: 1) Kenny West 2) Ian Armstrong 3) Jan Pettersen I know this would require a lot of interest, but it's an amazing price. Its a great piece of kit ,I will try and get some more data in the coming months to help promote it. Mark
  7. Hi John, The alloy is 6063-T6 which has good resistance to corrosion and suitable for welding. I believe it's good for anodising as well, but the finish is good as it stands. It was good to work with using a standard bending machine and flaring tools. I made the main lengths out of single pieces. Mark
  8. Hi Stuart, I've upgraded my pipe size to 19mm throughout the charge cooler system to match up with the fittings for new electric pump and new Rad / Charge Cooler. I've ran the pipes alongside the chassis a keeping it above the antiroll bar. I haven’t flattened the tube as the antiroll bar is still the lowest point. At the rear I've crossed over, keeping the route similar to the original. I have since moved the electric pump lower down mounting it to the chassis, which seems to make it easier to bleed. Going back to your questions, increasing the volume of fluid in the system by making the pipes bigger and circulating it quicker with a new pump should enhance the cooling effect. How noticeable with a standard charge cooler and radiator I'm not sure. But like you say if you’re going to upgrade the rad and CC later then its good pre work. Mark
  9. Hi Ian, Sorry about the delay 1) Greg D 2) Bingoking 3) Ian Lord I will contact Leon again about smaller numbers, and get back to you Mark
  10. The new brace is being sent out this week if you haven't already received it the fitting instructions are as follows: The new brace kit comes with new brackets top and bottom and a turnbuckle. The turnbuckle allows for better adjustment of the brace length due to its left and right hand threaded rod end bearings. Remove the M8 Stud from the existing top bracket on the turbo flange using a hacksaw. This will make room for the new bracket. Remove right hand turbo bolt and refit with new top bracket as shown. Tighten turbo flange bolt to Lotus specified torque setting. Remove bolt from the gearbox and fit new lower bottom bracket. Tighten to gearbox ensuring it is straight in the horizontal plane as shown. Place washer over the stud of the top bracket then attach turnbuckle followed by nut and tighten. Slacken lock nuts either side of turnbuckle. Adjust length of the support by rotating the turnbuckle allowing the lower bolt to align with the hole in the lower bracket. Push bolt through and tighten Adjust turnbuckle to extend the brace length, to the point where the slack in the rods end bearings is removed. Tighten lock nuts on turnbuckle. The condition of the rear silencer mounts should be checked. As any excess movement could damage the manifold system. Mark K
  11. Hi Guys just an update on the brace, Alunox had the brackets for the brace made but the quality was not upto scratch ,so they are being remade. Here are the cad drawings if anybody is interested. This has delayed things by a week , I will update you when I know more. Mark
  12. Sparky the suspense is killing me , is it alive. Have you had a run yet ? Mark
  13. Hi guys I can see your way of thinking, making a more rigid structure to reduce the lateral movement. The only thing is this is only for the protection of shock loading in the vertical plane and must also allow for the expansion of the manifold which may move in all planes. I think we're probably splitting hairs here and this has already been discussed at length in the other thread. Sparky I’m glad you enjoyed fitting that, what’s your thoughts on the performance increases. Just one thing, those of you who have had brace breakages can you e-mail Leon directly with some photos if possible. Thanks for your input. Mark
  14. Hi Simon, Yes it is a double mounting to the gearbox ,this might show it better Mark
  15. OK I have a brace update. The new brace will be issued Free of charge to all customers who have bought a manifold. The final design as shown below, on mock up brackets the actual ones are due the end of the week. This will be more than adequate for the standard Turbo weighting. However Alunox are offering a further design for those who have fitted bigger turbos, its a dual rod design giving greater shock loading protection. The dual rod design is available at £80 for those who are interested. Contact Alunox if you require this. I will update you with any further developments. Mark K
  16. Hi Mark, I've been on holiday hence the delay. I will speak with Leon about a smaller GB may be 5 , but the price will rise. He needs the numbers to get the cores manufactured. I’ll update you when he comes back to me. Mark K
  17. Hi Guys, I’ve just arrived back after being on holiday in Wales, no internet connection. I can see we are going over old ground again in terms of the design of the Alunox Manifold. I can see the example shown is a tubular copy of the original Lotus log style manifold. The original suffered from cracking in the elbow region since this is where the greatest expansion occurs. There were other issues with the bracing running from the forth port to the Turbo flange, it tended to pull the forth port away from the head causing a leak exactly between the top and the lower right hand Bolts. It also contributed to the stress in the elbow as the turbo flange was unable to move freely during the heat/cool cycle. I had two cast manifolds and the problem persisted repeating about every two years. I would remove the manifold then take it to be milled flat and replace with new Lotus gaskets each time. After speaking with Pete from PNM, when I mentioned I had a leak at the head, he already knew which port before I told him as he has seen it before. I was getting tired of this and approached Alunox for a solution pointing out all the problems. The resulting new design was developed with the following properties Choice of material – 321 Stainless Steel as it is fracture resistant at very high temperatures and already proven in race car turbo applications. Elbow expansion – Slip joint to allow for movement during the heat/cool cycle. Flow layout and design – Four Equal length primaries feeding into dual collector giving less turbo lag, better throttle response and enhanced power/torque curve. The dyno results showed a 64 lb/ft increase in torque over the log layout on Dave Changes car. I have ran one now for 4 years with no cracks. The weight of the turbo is suspended by the manifold the brace acting as a safety net against shock loading. The manifold is constructed from 1.6mm tube but this varies to 2.0 mm at the first 50 mm of tube coming from the cylinder head flanges. The load bearing strength comes from the collective structure of the tubes together meeting at the slip joint. The point that has to be made here is that the manifold has to be able to move during its expansion and contraction. If we restrict movement by over-elaborate designs on bracing we may distort the manifold. Alunox have recognised that the brace needed a second look at after the reported failures. There are few factors in this concerning the amount of expansion in the elbow. Pivot position not giving sufficient radial movement to the centre of the turbo flange. Lower rose joint being too close to the collector causing it to corrode/ Seize and restricting movement. Better fitting instructions required. The lower new brace design will correct the above problems and will be issued to everyone free of charge. It has taken some time as it isn’t just a case of bending a few pieces of metal and sending them out .The brackets are being laser cut and Alunox are waiting them to come in. To somehow come in last minute and say the whole design is flawed is a bit strong, tweaking might be a better word. Manufactures often evolve their products and at least Alunox stand by theirs. For those of you reading this for the first time, I may need to point out Dave Changes dyno tested a log design very similar to one shown here back to back with the Alunox one at his own cost and provided the forum with the data. Dave has also been in the trade and has one of the most powerful cars on the forum and so is recognised by many as a technical authority on the Esprit. I will update the forum with news on the brace Mark K
  18. Hi Guys , an update from Alunox. All the manifolds are now complete and will be going out next week. Just waiting for the new brace. The new brace acts more from the centre of the turbo making fitting more straight forward. This is a mock up and the final article will be complete next week. The new brace will be sent to all existing customers who have bought a manifold. Mark
  19. Hi Glyn, yes any changes to the brace design if required will be included in this Group Buy. It may have been a fitting issue ,I will find out more this week and keep you upto date. Mark
  20. Hi Chris, I’ve spoken with Leon about your brace failure. He is having my car this week to recheck the angles and loading on the brace to see if the design is at fault. If this results in a design change for the brace, let’s say the pivot points for the rod end bearings need moving, then Alunox will reissue new brackets. However I can see from your picture your lower rod end bearing is on the wrong side of the bracket, which could result in the brace being at the wrong angle. Leon will compare this to mine and see if that could have caused the problem. Chris I know Leon has been in contact with and will resolve your problem either way under warrantee. As Dave mentions when fitting the brace should not be taking up the weight of the turbo, it should be a neutral or slack fit to allow movement. Also the rods ends themselves should be checked periodically for grit etc from the road to ensure they are free to move. Just spray with WD40 at service intervals to keep them clean. I think you will agree from my track day video I have put this product through its paces, I didn’t exactly nurse it and it’s held up. Remember guys Alunox are the experts at this and take a lot of pride their designs and workmanship and I’m sure they will get to the bottom of it. I’ll keep you updated Mark
  21. Hi Guys, Just an update. The components have been fabricated and cleaned ready for final welding and assembly. I will try and find out more this week. Mark K
  22. Hi Jim, Yes the GB is now up to 15 and production for all 15 has started. I can add you on here if your interested and you will have to contact Nicky at Alunox with the payment details on +44 1978 851100. She will be in on Monday. Mark K
  23. Just an update, Alunox have started production this week on the manifolds, I will get some photos as things progress. They are making 15 in this batch as there is enough stock of raw materials. So there are still 4 left on this Group Buy if anyone is interested. Mark K
  24. Hi Guys, I've been in touch with Leon and production will start this week with a lead time of 4 weeks max, hopefully sooner. Can those who haven't paid yet contact Nicky at Alunox. Going back to the nut upgrade, Alunox buy these in from Demon Tweeks Wrexham and basically pass them on with the kit. If you want to get together and source them yourselves you may be able to get a better price. Leon's fine with that. The Group Buy is still open if anybody else is interested. Thanks, Mark K
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