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  1. Hi Neil , the cost for a single exit rear system is £700 + VAT for a group buy of 5. The increased cost is due to the tooling ware when forming 3" pipes and also the silencer will need to be allot bigger to keep the noise levels to below 100 dB's. Mark
  2. Uprated Charge Cooler Group Buy We need 20 to get a price of £650 + VAT So Far 1) Kenny West 2) George 3) Duc Mark
  3. Hi Neil, Leons looking into a 3" single exit option and will come back with price. Mark
  4. Hi Kenny. Sorry it is here , so if we recap on numbers 1) Kenny 2) George We will need more interest to get this going .This is cheap at £650 + VAT, but we need 20 Mark
  5. Hi Chris, yes its, basically its below this one. Mark
  6. Hi Guys, the Charge Cooler group buy is still running but as you know we need 20. I've spoken with Leon and if your part of this Manifold group buy and can't wait for charge cooler to reach 20 , he will discount the one off Charge Cooler price to £800 + VAT. Would anyone be interested in adding the stainless steel exhaust with cat bypass to the manifold making a full system group buy, if I ask the question ? Mark
  7. Well the final piece to make the full system. This section completes the exhaust from the turbo back. It has been designed for balance and flow as well as offering a number of selectable characteristics to suit. The system is constructed of high quality stainless steel with a flexible coupling to eliminate vibration and resonance. The downpipe section is removable mounted on a pair of V band clamps unique to Alunox which allow for a quick interchange with a catalytic converter if required. The size of the rear silencers can be chosen when ordering to set the noise level.The ones shown run at 98 db @ 4500rpm. The system is also available in 3” diameter tube for high powered cars. And finally the tail pipe style is also optional. Fitting is straight forward using the rubber mounts as per the standard system. Driving Experience The first thing you will notice is the noise ,but also my car has become much more responsive picking up better at low revs while punching harder after 4000rpm . It works well with the manifold and charge cooler, I will get a video clip soon, One off cost is £625 + VAT Group Buy price £590 + VAT , we need a minimum of 5 Let me know if your interested. Mark
  8. Hi ,sorry I should have explained , the group buy is still on, the one off sale at Castle Combe is only a promotion . Parts traders normally do this at Donington as well. The charge cooler is up for £800 ,not sure if its already been reserved. I will be at Castle Combe on Saturaday . Mark
  9. I will be attending Castle Combe with a Charge Cooler for sale and hopefully a manifold. If anybodys interested PM me . Thanks, Mark
  10. Hi , I've just fitted this, sounds awesome and it feels more responsive. I will get a video going soon to demonstrate.
  11. Hi John , I experienced the same problem with my Esprit a couple of years ago. I have Freescan and after looking for abnormal values I changed both the Idle Air control valve and the Throttle Position Sensor. I set up the TPS as to the manual reading the value in Freescan. This solved it for me. What I have noticed you can get a High idle speed on cold start and blipping the accelerator brings it down. The ECU does raise the idle speed as the car starts to move , it uses the wheel speed sensor in the rear wheel. I think it's to stop you stalling if your riding the clutch on idle. It also raises it if you turn on the air con Mark
  12. Hi Kenny , I've seen Leon today , he's now got the gaskets, should be on its way this week. Mark
  13. Hi Chris, Yes you can put the charge cooler the carb turbo model. I've just been looking at the layout from the turbo to the plenum chamber , the cooler would mount the same way as mine regarding the cooler intake from the turbo , but you would then need to connect from the cooler exit to your plenum. You will also need a front radiator and plumbing for the water supply. Mark
  14. Hi Jim, I've had to make a small cut to underside of the cover to allow it to sit down. However Alunox are looking to reduce the standoff pillars on charge cooler cover plate to give more clearance. This may be taking things a bit far ,but going back to the colour ,I know dark colours dissipate heat well but they also absorb it better too, so the charge cooler should be polished as not to absorb the engine bay heat. Mark
  15. Uprated Charge Cooler for Lotus Esprit Turbo from Alunox The charge cooler was introduced to the Esprit for the SE model in 1989, mechanical changes over the Giugiaro 910S (HC) turbo 2.2-litre were comparatively confined, yet horsepower grew by 14 per cent and torque by 17 per cent. With the standard Lotus charge Cooler, the engine is capable of holding a transient 280bhp for periods of up to 30 seconds. So by holding the temperature of the charge to as close to the ambient as possible, will result in a more dense fuel air charge. This will increase the volumetric efficiency creating more power and torque. So we come on to the new uprated charge cooler from Alunox. The core volume has been increased by 3 times. Now we have a greater cooling effect on the air and have a bigger bank of air to supply the plenum chamber. The bigger the better and the Alunox Cooler is about as big as we can get into the available space, it’s mounted on two rubber mounting bolts with new brackets. The unit is has a curved inlet and outlet design to aid flow. Installation is very easy with all the hose connections being in the same position as the original unit. Larger diameter hose connections for the water feed is optional and can be specified when ordering. I can only comment from the driving experience at the moment. Also I am only running with the standard pump and radiator. You can still feel better torque on boost which doesn’t drop as fast at as the revs climb. After driving hard, the charge cooler feels cool to the touch when putting your hand on the top surface. The unit works well with my other modifications and enhances the Alunox manifold further. Alunox are also looking to produce a high quality aluminum front radiator to match the thermal dynamics of the charge cooler as part of a kit to enhance further. If enough Esprit owners are interested we may be able to get a group buy organised to keep the price down.. At present the charge cooler for a one off is in the region of £825.00 + VAT and the front rad to be costed out, This could come down to £650.00 for a group buy of 20+.. Let me know if you are interested.... Mark
  16. Hi , can all the overseas people email Leon on [email protected] with their contact phone numbers , there needed for the commercial invoices to get through customs. Thanks Mark Just another Photo of the group buy ready to go out. Mark
  17. Hi All , been in touch with Alunox, all the manifolds are going out this Friday. There being boxed up on Thursday night with all the overseas paperwork for customs . A tracking number will be sent out for each unit. Thanks again for being patient. It would be good to get some feedback from you all when you get them fitted. It will be interesting to see the performance increases for different combinations of modifications. Mark K
  18. Hi All,things are moving along, the manifolds will be ready this week, I will try and get some photos at the weekend.Thanks for being patient. Mark
  19. Hi All, can everyone confirm their name and postal address to Nicky at Alunox using [email protected] read. Thanks Mark
  20. Hi Jacob, You can get one but the one off price is £990 + VAT. I've spoken with Alunox and I'm afraid this group buy has finished. Mark
  21. Hi all ,I think all the payments are in and fabrication has started. Alunox have setup tooling for this order, and are running off bends and cuts to start with. The manifold is quite labour intensive, I will keep you upto date with progress. Mark
  22. Hi all, some one has paid and we don't know who, the reference is 'TRACEY M MR' , can you PM me so I can tick on list. Thanks again Mark.
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