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  1. Interesting thread thanks. Glad to see that ruby is being enjoyed and not a garage queen.
  2. Well I thought the launch was great and really inclusive for the real world buyers of the car. It looks great and I cant wait to see it in real life. Ps whoever drove the f1 car on slicks in standing water give them a medal. 🙂
  3. Paid my dues annually by paypal, the latest payment was taken yesterday. Why am I showing as a basic member? Please can you fix this.
  4. Looks like the ignition amplifier may be fried on our 84 turbo. It is an AB14, which my research has identified as also fitted to the Jaguar XJ-S. The replacement for the GM module which seems to be favoured by the jag forums is from summit racing as below. Has anyone tried this on an Esprit? Is the module delco d1906 or gm19180771?
  5. Not me organising but this may be of interest. £5 per car entry for charity. See facebook here
  6. Normal service on the digest email is resumed. Thank you.
  7. Ppf is on our to do list. Ours is an 84 turbo though.
  8. So the email notifying me of your reply works. The email that should send a daily digest of followed content is still broken.
  9. Any update on this? I still have the issue.
  10. Doesnt guy martin have a van thats only slightly fire damaged? Im sure you could persuade him to sell.
  11. Been getting blank forum digest emails like this all week.
  12. @lotusfab Have you seen this image before? From this listing on ebay. 1982 copy of lotus world.
  13. Being 2 years into an 84 turbo restoration with my husband doing all of the work, this will probably cost the same again in parts alone to get into reasonable shape. Assuming the po has neglected it for some time. If your aim is like us to have a car at the end of it all which you know is in first class condition you may want to go down this route. We paid 7k for a car needing an engine rebuild. Which was too much at the time. Areas to look at - Fuel system pipes, tanks and carbs, brake lines and master, look for rust on the chassis by the exhaust manifold and on the front cross member on the near side front. Check for damage to the chassis around the engine cage at the rear. You will probably find pin holes in all the ally coolant pipes at the ends, issues with electrics, issues with all mechanical parts, maybe engine rebuild needed, carb rebuild, turbo rebiuld, water pump, manifolds are difficult to get, wastegates corrode, anything plastic trim wise is not easy to find. Dont get me wrong i love the car and its going to be worth the effort. If you can find a well maintained example you will avoid a lot of pain.
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