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  1. Picture for the wheel nurds. Yes they are just faked.
  2. The spoiler is definitely going. Fortunately no lasting damage except for 4 small holes.
  3. Cant seem to get the pic to come out the right way up. It is fine on my phone.
  4. So our new purchase is safely tucked up in the garage. Its a 1984 s3 turbo esprit in white and it says white out edition no3 on the side. Does anybody know anything about this edition? It seems to have an hc engine though we need to investigate this further. Needs an engine rebuild, and we have yet to investigate what other mechanical gremlins may be lurking under the pristine bodywork and interior. Cant stop smiling its great to have it home. Now to get it back on the road. Any recommendations for somebody to do the engine work? The previous owner showed it in the midlands area in the 2000-04 period, and paul matty seems to have worked on it in the late 90s, does anybody know how far paul's records go back?
  5. Very low mileage cars will often cost you more in the long run. If I was buying again I would go for a well maintained and regularly used car with a full history and evidence of the nice tweaks like stainless exhaust, remote stat, uprated suspension, and a good recent set of tyres. I am assuming here that you want to drive the car and not just collect it to look at. I'm my experience they hate sitting around and are best used regularly. We've had our elise now for 8 years, 13k on the clock when we bought it and 70k now. If you ignore the stone chips is in better mechanical condition now than when we bought it.
  6. Not going to say too much until we pick it up. It's white. Needs an engine rebuild. Will know more when we get it home. Buddsy we are in pulham market
  7. Just been lucky enough to buy one.
  8. The elise broke down today on the a14, yes it was us holding up all the traffic. The police and the rac were great in getting us off the road. I called Allon White and said can you help me, and despite me not being a regular customer they said yes. So we rolled up on a car transporter at 15.30 on a saturday afternoon, they were able to run a diagnostic. Then as I could not rent a car at that time of day they lent us a car to get home to norfolk. Left the elise with them for some tlc. Missing it already. Thank you so much for going out of your way to help us today, its rare to find such outstanding customer service.
  9. We have space in our garage in Norfolk next to the elise which is waiting for an s3 turbo esprit. Any condition considered.
  10. If you include the buyers premium it made nearly 11k today. Had some recent recommissioning work by esprit engineering.
  11. The history on the car was really interesting it had done 27k in 2 years then sat in a barn in beccles for 27 years before changing hands 4 times in the last 12 months. It had less rust than my 99 elise. Plenty of other issues that needed sorting though. So the search continues, I only hope I don't end up regreting not having deeper pockets today. Thanks for the comiserations mike.
  12. Gutted to have been the under bidder on the S3 turbo at the Duxford sale today. Hope it went to somebody who is going to give it the love it deserves. Anybody on here?
  13. I was thinking of going to look at this but the seller informed me of the chassis damage so we decided the price was too high and didn't bother going. What is a car like this worth? Supposedly it now has sold for the 5k asking price. Wouldnt mind doing a full chassis up rebuild for the right car, but im thinking the price has to be nearer 2 to 3k.i know prices are moving fast am I far off the mark? Or is something like this only fit for breaking? Quite like the idea of "saving" an esprit rather than buying something nice and shiney...
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