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  1. Another shot of Clive and Hazel going out to the pit lane.
  2. I think there was a 70th pin badge about, but I didn't see it on the merchandise stand. I would like to be able to buy one of those.
  3. Fabulous day thanks to all who put in the hard work to organise, and make sure everything ran smoothly. 😊
  4. Can i have some hangars please. Wont be at the bbq but catch up with you tomorrow or some other time soon.
  5. I suspect that hangar 111 may have one on the shelf if you are coming by Ipswich. Give them a call.
  6. Surely someone local can help john out here, and lend him a lotus for the day, he does so much to keep historic lotus on the road. Stratton motor company? Group lotus? Hangar 111?
  7. Not sure if you just mean forged parts or not? We are looking at silicon hoses for a g esprit.
  8. Safe journeys to everyone making a long trip to the big event.
  9. Silly question number *** . I seem to have missed this. What time is the departure from Dunston on saturday morning?
  10. Good luck with the hunt. You should be able to get a project car for that cash.
  11. Another recommendation for Hangar 111 always helpful and great service. Now a lotus approved service centre so i think they can do warranty work too.
  12. Went a few years ago but really didn't find anything I wanted to buy. Distinct lack of quality traders. There were some nice cars on show, but really not worth the trip for us.
  13. Congrats on the Elise and your first post. Unfortunately the noise is not one we recognise, and we have done nearly 100k in our s1 now. I suspect it's probably something simple. Get it across to hangar 111 or another specialist who should be able to help with the diagnosis. Not sure where you are but if it's anywhere near norwich happy to help further. Simon's got quite good at identifying the cause of odd noises from the Elise over the years.
  14. I'm sure you will love the car even more when you get it home.
  15. Under/behind the glove box on the far right. Ours is yellow. With the headlight and hazard flasher and turn flashers. ours is an 84. Simon's been doing battle with our electrics for weeks, and I think lotus made each one up as they went along. Each functioning bit is one less thing to do.
  16. Still no ticket confirmation email has the server succumbed to the stress?
  17. Ah that explains it then. Thanks. Ps may have inadvertently booked twice as i wasnt sure it had gone through. I will just wander over to the dunces line over there.... 😕
  18. +1 Confused am i supposed to be printing an e ticket from somewhere? Ps not sure one cake will be enough. Better call the catering team.
  19. Simon's just had the same issue with ours. The air was blue, well nearly. All helicoiled now.
  20. Please supply parts for the older cars available with short wait times. Particularly the bits that wear up like suspension components. Would also love to see a new lotus supercar and successful race team.
  21. 👋 3/4 through a full nut and bolt resto on our 84 turbo. Glad we had the body off and sorted the chassis, even though it had very little rust. If the car is a keeper its worth doing imho. Simon has spent the weekend fettling the electrics, still more to do there! Ours is 1705. Good luck with your project. Ps always happy to help out with pics. Ours was in one bit before we started which does help.
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