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  1. Always wave at another lotus on the rare occasion I see one. 👋
  2. Hi Kerry, not quite sure how the s2 is set up. On our s1 the aluminium cap separated from the plastic one underneath and it was just a matter of gluing back together. Not sure where you are but if anywhere near hangar 111 i can't recommend them highly enough. You may also find someone else has had the issue of you look on the playground. (Another well known forum i can't put the name of)
  3. Eventually found one at an automobile for £2 so you could try your luck.
  4. Unfortunately we have other commitments that day. Will pop along if we are back in time.
  5. Really pleased to have an event at Hethel to look forward to. Looks like we have 2.5 months to get the esprit restoration completed.
  6. Persevere with getting the niggles sorted, and you will have a great car.
  7. Congrats on the purchase and good luck with the project.
  8. NR2k

    Meeting Elise

    I think we are here for that weekend.
  9. Interested to know how this check is done? I would like to be sure that our chassis is ok.
  10. So its down to the opinion of the tester if a fault is dangerous? Is there any clear rules around this? Fingers crossed for a first time pass like the last 2 years. Otherwise this could get expensive.
  11. Our mot is this week. Can i still drive the car to and from the test station if it fails? You could under the old rules. All the work on the elise is done by my husband and we would not want to have to leave it for repair where its being tested.
  12. For anyone looking I have just managed to order the vredestein tyres in both sizes from black circles.
  13. Looking forward to seeing behind the scenes. It sounds like it's going to be a good day with all that's planned. Looks like we will be in the daily as the weekend service of the Elise revealed a leaking oil pump and we are waiting on parts.
  14. It would be really good to know some dates ..... Then I can book a holiday.
  15. Still not got far enough along with the car to fit our new carpets. Similar studs on our 84. @buddsy happy if you want to pop round to see the carpets. We have the originals and the new ones from steve.
  16. Heres to 2018 seeing a fresh mot on your restoration projects, and more loti back on the road being driven and enjoyed.
  17. We regularly do 7 to 8k miles a year in the elise which is considered high. Brought over 10 years ago secondhand, and is now valued at what we originally paid for it. Recently worked out that with maintenance and upgrades its cost £1,500 a year to keep on the road, plus insurance. Thats doing the majority of the work ourselves. Thats got to be good value for money, and more fun driving than a hatchback. Only problem is getting agreed value insurance for that sort of mileage. I hate to see cars not driven. Drive the wheels off it and maintain it properly and you will have a happy lotus, an
  18. 14th january 2018 10.57am Been after that bag for a while.
  19. A082J4091F Bundy Pipe, Servo Vacuum, Through chassis. Has anyone been able to get hold of one of these recently? Or found somebody to make one?
  20. Carpets from our 84 turbo not all original but the right shape. Steve has just done a fab job making us some new ones. Bottom pic is an 86 turbo but original carpets, and very similar. See @steve v8 carpet thread for more.
  21. Not had good experience with aib myself. They said it was completely impossible to get an agreed value policy for the elise last year. Now insured through adrian flux.
  22. Good luck with the new project, sounds really interesting.
  23. Just in case anybody is interested this is what my original carpets look like. 84 turbo esprit. Just about to be posted off to steve and the talented mrs steve. Not all original, as it looks like some have already been replaced once. Originals are dark grey ribbed with darker cloth binding. The car has always been monaco white.
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