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  1. Is that so you can sell it as a barn find then? Bound to put up the resale price.
  2. Na thas gud olde fasined nurfuk dunt yew know.
  3. Oh. Missed that update. Congrats to him, looks like a great car. Better go update the insurance on our project car.
  4. Have you bought it then?
  5. No price now on the listing. Interested to know how much it was up for?
  6. Thanks for the helpful comments. Will try cleaning it up and go from there.
  7. Difficult to see in the picture but its an indentation. Looks worse in the pic too, it can just be felt with a fingertip. Only clue as to cause is that the valve had contacted the piston in that cylinder. Just finished completely rebuilding the bottom end, head etc. Thought we were on the home straight.
  8. As we were cleaning the cam carriers we noticed one follower bore had some damage. About 5-6mm round and deep enough to feel with a fingertip. The follower itself looks fine, and moves freely in the bore. Is this something we should be concerned about? Is it possible to get the bore ground out and fit an oversize follower? Standard 910 engine in 84 turbo.
  9. I think the 31st may cut off is set by Silverstone.
  10. Not sure how this thread got from sport 350 to old money. Hope the hamster has fun with his new toy. If I were him I think the first thing I did would be a mechanical overhaul and suspension refresh, and not a posh detail. Perhaps he is just going to look at it. Looks like the average amount needed to half restore an esprit.
  11. Thanks Martyn, good turn out this year, a nice cross section of loti.
  12. If you hate it that much then give it to me. Ill gladly take it off your hands....
  13. Yes I normally have no problems with pdfs. The files opened fine on the pc at work today. Probably just a glitch.
  14. Anyone else having problems reading those pdf files? Will download but not open on my phone.
  15. NR2k

    Barn find?

    Thanks for bringing a smile to my face. Hope you get the car pete, looks like a chassis up project.
  16. Check for new hoses and other rubber bits as they perish. The fuel tank could also be starting to rust depending on where its been stored. Has the head gasket been replaced? If not you could shortly have that to look forward to. If the gasket has been replaced was the uprated one fitted. A remote stat is also a good upgrade as is a stainless exhaust system. Look for uprated suspension, and check the wishbones for rust. Check the red clutch hose has been replaced. If it has rubber mats glued in the footwells then it could be corroded under them. Check for electrical gremlins. We have had
  17. Top tip- bring a sandwich as the on site catering was very oversubscribed last year with long waits.
  18. Not sure if its far enough south for you, Hangar 111 near Woodbridge have a nice set up now and lotus expertise aplenty.
  19. Will need persuasion with a rubber mallet, heat may help. Ours took hours to get off as I didnt want to break anything.
  20. Lovely sunshine and good racing at Snetterton today. Saw the esprit, and you as you drove off Phil sorry i did not get the chance to say hi.
  21. First lotus race at 12.55 with qualifying before that. Timetable on the lotus cup website.
  22. Weathers looking promising for the opening lotus race meeting of the season at Snetterton on Saturday. Anyone else going?
  23. Looks like essex no26?
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