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  1. Assuming it is the battery and you get it started, then if it runs like a dog you will need to recalibrate by turn ignition on but dont start. then pump accelerator pedal slowly up and down 12 times. turn ignition off then on again and start. all should then be fine. Most probably a flat battery from what you describe.
  2. Love the elise in yellow. Have fun with it.
  3. Good another lotus convert, you won't look back. Dont rule out a properly sorted s2 elise/exige. Go and have a word with the guys at hangar 111.
  4. Hi, will try and get a pic for you tomorrow. No issues with plugging phone or sat nav in with an adapter. Only issues with battery drain will be if you dont drive the car for 10 days or so, in which case you will need a trickle charger. Hope you have lots of fun with the car. Now had ours for 10 years and still loving every minute.
  5. Wow thats going to keep you busy. still tempted by that holdall I saw at the lotus festival. .....
  6. If it was mine I would be putting it in the auction at Silverstone classic in the summer and seeing how many people fight over it. Demand is outstripping supply and you have the best of the best in a show car. Value north of 30k.
  7. I think Bazza is right at 15-20k in the uk market. Going back to the summer there were pristine examples at over 30k. However paint will cost at least 6k and interior retrim similar money, and thats without any servicing etc being due.
  8. NR2k

    Essex 007

    Wow thats a special car. I echo what Barry said you jammy whatnot. Good to see its back in the UK.
  9. I suppose its too much to hope that the new owner will actually race the car.
  10. We have the bodywork off at the moment and are painting the chassis with galva-zinc made by rustoleum. The chassis on ours is pretty good the worst patch of rust being at the front under the heater fans. Still trying to figure out what could have caused this?
  11. I will second the recommendation for allon white. still very pleased with our elise seats.
  12. Anybody else heading for Snetterton tomorrow to watch the elise trophy? Taking a break from the esprit restoration and heading over. Hopefully we wont be the only spectators in a lotus. Ours will be the elise most in need of a wash.
  13. Spent a good few hours wrestling this off the car today. Is this someone's name or production markings. Seems to say barny weles. Are these the oem fans?
  14. The work I have seen from stocks looks great, but we could not afford his prices. 7 to 9k plus paint plus vat.
  15. Recent quotes for a full respray between 4.5k and 12k with us disassembling the car. Its now booked in with surface and design.
  16. Glad to see you have a proper lotus at last :-) Enjoy.
  17. Thanks for the names I will give them a call.
  18. May soon need covered transport for a car from Norwich to Blackpool. Can anybody recommend someone reliable? I dont really want to just pick a name off the internet.
  19. Depends how rich you are feeling. Gst in Newmarket have an excellent reputation. I also dont doubt that lotusbits know what they are talking about.
  20. Always had good service from eliseparts. Hope you get it sorted soon.
  21. Turbo technics did a lovely job on ours. £400 it was very rough, and came back like new in under 2 weeks.
  22. Allon white did a fabulous job on our elise seats. They have thier own trim shop, and im sure they can do just about whatever you require. Reasonable prices too.
  23. Hi Owen, please add us to the list if its not too late. S1 Elise ruby red. Saturday only.
  24. Shared on Facebook. Hope you get it back.
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