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  1. Not us. Ours is still a work in progress.
  2. Hi Gary, welcome. If you catch a wave from a ruby red s1 elise in the vicinity of Southwold that will be us.
  3. We have one on our elise. Very happy with it.
  4. Thanks Dave that one is ours. A little easier to tell the difference now Bibs has his 111s
  5. Putting the car back together. Hope to be there after all if there is still space?
  6. Sorry we are not going to be able to make this. Engine problems :-( 21 on the list.
  7. The strip is for the undertray I think, I will check later. If you sign up as a full forum member you get acess to the parts manual if you dont have a copy.
  8. Ps he says your mystery bracket is the exhaust silencer to gearbox mount.
  9. Hi Tod, good luck with the project. Our 84 turbo looks similar to yours with the engine out etc at the moment. However my husband Simon has taken it all to bits, and is in the process of putting it back together again. He has lots of photos. As you are not too far away do get in touch if you want to compare notes. There are also some very knowledgeable guys in Norwich who will be along shortly im sure.
  10. Competition car insurance do a good lotus policy with track day cover included.
  11. Somehow I dont think the esprit will be back in one piece by the end of July. Been to the classic a few times in the elise and it's a great show, if a bit damp last year.
  12. NR2k

    How many?

    I think there may be a slight flaw in your logic bibs. If you follow the link to contact a moderator then yours is the first name in the list
  13. Are the only options for the 910 engine main bearing shells now acl, or gary kemps? Does anybody have any experience with how these perform? We would be looking for +10
  14. Hi Dave, good to see H111 posting on here. Will be down to see you all again soon I am sure.
  15. We are progressing slowly with the restoration of our 84 turbo esprit. Starting to think about alarms. In your experience do insurance companies require an alarm to be fitted? Would it have to be professionally fitted? Seeing the mess made of the loom by the old alarm instalation i am not sure i would trust anybody else with the job. Also any recommendations for a good alarm?
  16. Thanks to everybody who put time and effort into organising this. Great to see all the other loti, and enjoy some good racing.
  17. We would be happy to, but only available Sunday. The other thing is our s1 elise is identical to yours bibs so not so good if you want some variety. Esprit still in pieces.
  18. My elise has nitron street series one fitted and the off side dampers are leaking and failed the mot. The lotus main dealer who did the mot has suggested just replacing the 2 leaking dampers, so that I will not have matching dampers on the same axle. This does not sound like a good idea to me, any advice?
  19. Just saw a straight looking 82 turbo esprit which is headed for the kings lynn classic auction in a few weeks. I didn't look closely at the car as we were just pickling up some lights. The guys ebay id is chris66music if you want to get in touch.
  20. We wouldn't miss it. We have been at the first elise trophy meeting of the season since the beginning of the race series. Looking forward to another exciting season.
  21. Signed up a while ago. Should i expect a membership card?
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