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  1. Thanks for the comments. One more question. Looks like the pistons are standard (not what the prev owner said) are we best to replace all with forged pistons now we have come this far?
  2. Yes, i presume its straight forward to replace the valves/guides. I was more worried about the pitting around the head from the 3rd cylinder issue pic 4. Or have i misunderstood you? Is there a way of telling if these are standard pistons?
  3. Today Simon took the head off and the engine issue with the car (84 turbo esprit) became apparent. We had zero compression in cylinder 4 on the inlet, and the valves are bent. What was more of a surprise was the damage to the head and piston on cylinder 3. We can replace the piston and liner, but are more concerned about the head. Does this look repairable?
  4. Thanks for the advice that's really helpful. There is end float in the turbo bearings. We have still to strip the engine down far enough to know for sure what pistons are in there. We also have to find out what is wrong with the inlet valves so cross your fingers it isn't going to be too expensive. Is there a way of testing the wastegate?
  5. The rac were good when the elise broke down on the a14 this year, they had a flat bed truck there inside half an hour. On a previous occasion they have taken over 2 hours to get to us however. I think having the police in attendance on the more recent occasion probably helped. :-)
  6. So finally after much swearing the manifold is off. Surface rust but generally in good condition. The turbo is pitted with rust on the surface and it feels like the bearings need replacing. The wastegate is unknown condition but will probably need a refurb. The car is a low mileage, matching numbers, 1984 turbo esprit. Option 1 would be to keep it original and refurbish the turbo and wastegate. Are the parts still available to refurbish the turbo? Option 2 replace with the later water cooled turbo. Option 3 is anything available in stainless steel? Any other options? Looking for advice from those who have done the job. We would not want to change anything which could not be reversed.
  7. Welcome George, you are joining those of us who are in the process of getting their esprits back on the road. Good luck with the restoration.
  8. Can't comment on your questions as ours is an s1. I am sure you will love the car. S1 running costs are 1500 to 2000 per year.
  9. Thanks for the pics and the tips that's really helpful. My husband is making good progress towards getting the engine out so we will be ordering a stand soon. I am providing moral support, food and drink. :-)
  10. For anybody looking an s2 esprit had just been advertised on preloved for 5k described as needing tlc. Not anything to do with me so i don't know anything about it. Just thought i would give you the heads up. Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere.
  11. Count us in. We will be in the elise as the esprit will still be in pieces by then.
  12. Thanks Dave. Pics will be helpful. Particularly where the engine is attaching to the stand. Does the stand have a way of locking the rotation?
  13. Has anybody in the Norfolk/Suffolk area got an engine stand they want to sell? We are nearly ready to take the engine out of the esprit and need something to put it on.
  14. NR2k

    On the road

    Hi, glad to hear another esprit is back on the road. We hope ours will be by the summer. Full mechanical refurb to do before then.
  15. Mmmmm I went to long stratton high school too. Class of 86. Sorry totaly off topic. :-)
  16. We suspect our turbo esprit project car has not been on the road for quite some time. On draining the small amount of remaining petrol from the tanks it was tea coloured and oily/waxy. We have not recommissioned a car before. Those of you that have is this normal for really old fuel?
  17. Are you selling other spares from the car? Looking for undertrays to fit an 84 turbo amongst other things.
  18. Perhaps I misunderstood, so we can just turn up on the day? May bring the elise along if thats ok?
  19. Good News on the Nitrons. We have had them on the elise for some time now and are very happy with them. Do you know if they are going to be available for all the esprit models?
  20. Kronos1664, garry, Rizla603104, Waspy, NR2k,
  21. Nearly finished picking off the random vinyl decals, that face was just scary. As expected though lots and lots of mechanical jobs that need doing. Also the elise has decided to play up with electrical gremlins just as we thought there was nothing left to go wrong with that. The joys of lotus ownership....
  22. Looks like I stand corrected again. :-)
  23. Andy I suppose with turbo esprit you then have to diferentiate which version you are talking about. Pedantic yes but i stand corrected. I dont think the rear lourves are the standard ones just painted. They seem thicker material I think. Going to drain out petrol now before the fumes leaking into the garage cause a problem. :-)
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